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Google Earth
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Description of Google Earth

Google Earth is known to many people as a 3D application that presents images of the earth mainly via satellite and GPS navigation. This application gives users an extremely interesting visual experience. Besides, regularly updating new images and features is also what makes the attraction of this application never cooled down. So are you confident that you already know this application well? Please refer to the introduction below to verify more information!

Introducing the Google Earth

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The Google Earth application simulates an extremely sharp Earth image based on the combined data captured by satellite and GPS systems. This application is now completely free to use by Google. And is widely applied in many fields such as: tourism, construction, information gathering... More specifically, in addition to Earth, you can observe other planets (Mars, moon...). Accompanied by a lot of useful information related to the planet you are viewing through this application.

Quickly look up geographic location

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In the Google Earth application, users can easily look up geographic information easily and quickly thanks to the extremely complete amount of information that is constantly updated on the library. Besides, 3D images that visually display houses, buildings, apartment buildings... will also bring the most authentic experiences.

Time lapse feature

The fast-forward feature in the form of 3D images with earth coverage will make it possible for users to view any geographical location under any camera angle and time. These images are updated continuously, with a frequency of 2.5 days/time. Thanks to that, every user will be able to better visualize the changes of the earth over the years.

High resolution, ability to export information in many formats

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One of the outstanding strengths of this application is the high-resolution satellite image quality. In addition, the application also supports users to read many different types of data and export information in many formats for easy sharing. This is very useful for different users around the world to be able to exchange information in a simpler way.

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