Fun Run 3 mod + apk 4.6.2 No Mod

Fun Run 3
App Name Fun Run 3
Genre Sports
Developer Dirtybit
Size 118.1Mb
Latest Version 4.6.2
Mod info No Mod
Update May 15, 2022 (3 days ago)

Description of Fun Run 3

There's nothing to argue with the benefits of running. Regular runners will have better health, a more relaxing mind, and a longer lifespan. There are even marathons held very often, with extremely attractive prizes. If you are a fan of this healthy sport, go to Fun Run 3's track. Surely you will have relaxing moments and refreshing laughter with your friends.

About Fun Run 3
About Fun Run 3

Fun Run 3 is the 3rd installment of Dirtybit's Fun Run game series. The game retains its core points: fun graphics, creative and challenging gameplay of each race. Your main task in the game is to participate in races with seven other people, defeat opponents, and become the winner. At first glance, it seems that the game is not very attractive, but I guarantee Fun Run 3 is entirely different from what you have played.

Video Game Trailer

The first difference is the view. If other running or racing games often use the third or first-person perspective, this game returns to the sideways gameplay, similar to legendary games like Mario or Contra. Whether this change is enough to impress you or not, experience it for yourself.

Another difference is that the gameplay not only includes running and sprinting, but also has countless obstacles and items to take down your opponents. That’s right. You can slow your opponents down or even eliminate them from the race with the proper tools. Traps in the game range from bear traps, flying knives to lightning bolts. Use them properly, and you will easily become a winner.

After each race, you will receive a reward based on your performance. Like every other contest, you can only get rewarded if you rank in the top 3 out of 8 players. Focus on the track, and you will get your long-awaited prizes.

A Friendly Racing Game
A Friendly Racing Game

Like every other sports game, in addition to racing with seven random players around the world, you can invite your friends to play with you. The game modes such as clan battles or 2vs2 matches will become extremely interesting when friends are by your side. Since the game requires a stable Internet connection to play, ads will frequently appear on the screen. Although they do not affect your gameplay too much, they can still be annoying to watch.

Create Your Own Pet
Create Your Own Pet

In addition to thrilling races, you can choose from over 70 animals, along with many fashion accessories for them. From cute animals such as cats, weasels, lizards, rabbits, to scary animals like crocodiles, lions, etc., you can change their clothes, give them a hat or a fashion glasses according to your preferences. You can show off your pets to your friends, as well as players from around the world, just like a fashion show. Doesn't it sound appealing?

Download Fun Run 3 APK for Android

Are you struggling to win tough races in the game? Does the enemy have too many great traps, or are they playing too well? Don't worry. Our MOD will help you win every race. This Fun Run 3 MOD APK integrates God Mode, allowing you to go through all obstacles without any trouble. Downloading and installing is extremely easy with the link below. Turn on the game and start running now!