FRAG Pro Shooter mod + apk 2.23.1 Unlimited money

FRAG Pro Shooter
App Name FRAG Pro Shooter
Genre Action
Developer Oh Bibi
Size 116.7Mb
Latest Version 2.23.1
Mod info Unlimited money
Update August 03, 2022 (1 weeks ago)

Description of FRAG Pro Shooter

FRAG Pro Shooter (MOD, Unlimited Money) is a trending video game that is created and published by Oh Bibi, which is a developer and publisher for Multiplayer Racing that has reached 30 million downloads.

FRAG Hack Apk is set in a near future world, where a worldwide pandemic has killed off most of the human population. Except for a small handful of hardened survivors, everyone else either becomes addicted to drugs or gets turned into one of the few man hunting machines called Hunters.

As a result, a group of rebels called the Underground fight against the villains and their machines. The story of FRAG Mod Apk begins after the group of humans finds a mysterious box in the middle of a swamp and inside the box are several pieces of information that leads them to believe that the box contains important data that will help the underground rebels fight off the machine tide.


Each suit in FRAG Pro Shooter consists of 10 players divided equally right into 2 teams. To start the video game, you will certainly have to select the group as well as you must beat all opponents to win. This is a wonderful mix of different styles like capturing, MOBA, role-playing, and also strategy.

For those such as capturing games because they involve several combined actions, you can make it possible for the "auto-fire" feature in Setups. After just a couple of suits, you can leap to the highest possible roof in the video game quickly.


The rate, reflexes as well as high accuracy are the 3 parts which determine your sucecess. On top of that, the tactical aspect is additionally really vital, directly to the outcome of the game. Team job skill is extremely vital which you must find out to work with and also communicate well with your colleagues, inhabit important placements on the map, and take away the opponent's huge objectives.

Hold the opponent ambush, fool the adversary into your catch and kill them. Attacking the opponent's guard will certainly give a lot of indication to your team, but take care because opponents can assault you at any time. Meanwhile, you can use the Recuperation Box to recover after fights.

Your primary targeted aim in FRAG Pro Shooter is to quickly damage enemy targets as well as kill as numerous opponents as feasible to have high ratings. After the time is more than, the team with greater scores will win. If you are unfortunate enough to pass away, it's all right, you will rapidly revive at the base and also remain to engage in battle. As a first-person shooter game, yet the gameplay is fairly similar to Organization of Legends, so much fun is waiting on you.

What to Do When You Start the Game?

With the help of this data, the player in FRAG Pro Shooter picks up weapons and other equipment to take on the machine forces of the enemy. The storyline revolves around you battling it out with the enemy and using the different weapons you have to kill them. The player earns money and XP throughout the game by shooting down machines and destroying enemy soldiers. You are also allowed to buy new weapons and equipment from the shop. It's just like playing a multiplayer version of Counter-Strike or other games where you can buy weapons, score money, and compete with others online.

FRAG actually isn't your typical shooter mod. Instead of playing the game with an actual gun, you play it with a laser target that is adjusted to find the crosshairs of the enemies. The object of the game is to shoot the red dot on the target. You can aim and fire without stopping, making FRAG more of a game of skill than luck.

Although FRAG targets guns, it doesn't take the place of a real firearm in the game. The action occurs with the use of pistols, rifles, and handheld devices. The players can pick automatic or semi-automatic weapons, and they have various abilities available to them when choosing a weapon. They can choose to wear bullet proof vests to increase their chances of shooting accurately, they can increase their accuracy by aiming down the sights instead of up at the target, etc. There are many options to improve the player's ability to hit their targets.

Graphics and Audio

FRAG Pro Shooter consists of superb gameplay, fantastic shade graphics as well as lots of lovely action stages which you will find it satisfying when playing the game. The video game's environment is based upon a 3D system combined with many results, offering you a fantastic aesthetic experience. The personality control is quite flexible, the interface is designed medically to help you easily control without much problem. Likewise, the audio is extremely dynamic and also intriguing.

You will experience a selection of maps that change with each match, so I recommend that you remember these maps to find out where to hide, defend as well as avoid opponent attacks.

Download FRAG Apk + Mod for Android

Overall, If you are interested in mastering the art of shooting, then the FRAG Pro Shooter is what you need. In this article, you can also find the best mode which is unlimited money in the game to maximise your experience. This  is the best mod out there if you want to practice shooting with the use of guns and explosives.

The game play is very realistic, and players can actually feel that they are part of the action because of the excellent sounds and visual effects. FRAG Pro is one of the best value propositions that the publisher has to offer, and if you are really interested in shooting, then please download the mod apk now.

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