Forgotton Anne Mod Apk 1.3 (Unlocked All)

Forgotton Anne
App Name Forgotton Anne
Genre Adventure
Developer Hitcents
Size 62MB
Latest Version 1.3
Mod info Unlocked All
Root Yes
Internet Yes
Get it On com.hitcents.forgottonanne
Update June 14, 2021 (4 months ago)

Description of Forgotton Anne

Forgotton Anne Introduction

In recent years, Forgotton Anne is a video game that is among one of the games which is welcomed and played by many players. The game attracts players with special stories and also eye-catching graphics. This adventure action video game was released as well as created by ThroughLine Gamings in 2018, however until now it still brings in a large number of people.. The main character in the game is a girl named Anne who you play as guides her through her very own magical adventure to get rid of an evil curse that has been affecting her since she was a little girl. 

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Explore Beautiful Hand-painted Environement


ThroughLine Gaming computer animated journey Forgotton Anne begins with a peculiar choice: whether or not to kill a talking headscarf. It's a bizarre introduction to a video game, yet one that establishes its sensational setting while teasing the branching story to find.

When you start, you play as Anne, an enforcer in the Forgotten Lands, an area where shed items like clothing and furnishings live while waiting to be rediscovered. It's your task to suppress a recurring rebellion among these Forgotlings, make decisions for the good of your allies, and inevitably locate your way back to the human world.

For the Copenhagen-based workshop Forgotton Anne is an actual passion project, representing an effort to achieve a dream they have actually long supported: to develop an interactive motion picture experience.

Video Trailer

The Gameplay

The main hero of this game is named Anne who always had a fear of cats. And in every episode of the manga, there is a scene of Anne with a cat attached to her ankle. Forgotton Anne game revolves around a young girl called Anne who lives with her cat in an orphanage. One day, her best friend Lily comes to town and visits Anne's house. Lily introduces herself as a broker who wishes to help Anne get rid of her phobia of cats.

Although this seems to be a very normal and sweet story, the plot of the game gradually reveals itself. When you start playing the game, you are greeted by a cute little girl who asks you to help her eliminate all the evil cats in town. You can choose to either help Anne or take on the role of one of the main characters, who happens to be Alice. When you take on the role of Alice, you have to explore the different stages and level up your performance to get to the final boss battle. You will meet several cute girls while playing Forgotton Anne and playing with the various girls.

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Choose Your Own Path


There are several items that can be used to strengthen your performance, such as flowers, pencils, bracelets and other objects. There are also many power ups you can use to increase your chances of winning. Forgotton Anne has quite a few interesting endings depending on your choices. In the game you will also learn more about the life of Alice, who happens to be the main character.

Overall, the gameplay is great, nevertheless, one minus point is that this game is also focused on storytelling. As a result, the game attempts to decrease any type of impacts that may impact this element. Gamers only have two options to respond to when connecting with various other NPCs and also this accidentally lowers the gamer's communication.

Yet in return, the challenge part of Forgotton Anne is really intriguing and also brings challenges to gamers. You will certainly have to think very carefully as well as find the answer to resolve. Just making a mistake is most likely to take you a lot of time to get over the effects of that error. In addition, the game does not enable you "reset" the challenge to its initial state, so you need to be more cautious and also consider more in a scenario.

Graphics Review

Searching for a wonderful experience in a mystical world is fun and rewarding in the video game Forgotton Anne. While you play to win, you are visually stimulated by a variety of terrific graphics like rocks, pets and also country ambiance. This video game makes you feel like getting shed in Workshop Ghibli's anime collaborates with familiar colors and high information. It is not excessive to contrast this video game with a motion picture, due to the fact that Forgotton Anne also brings a similar sensation about each personality, about the landscapes and photo top quality.

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Experience an Animated Cinematic Masterpiece


Specifically the transitions are extremely smooth, it seems like enjoying an anime. The gameplay is configured with a colorful and creative spin. The game features a vibrant and vibrant Celtic environment with various Druid symbols, stones, and letters. The music is additionally well-composed as well as establishes just the appropriate tone for the game.

Download Forgotton Anne MOD APK for Android

If you want a new game to play with your girls this summer, why not try Forgotton Anne. You can play it at any time during the day or night. Your kids will love it so much that they'll ask you to play it with them again! Even though the graphics are not as great as some other games, it's well worth the quality for an excellent story and game play.

To date there is a mod version Forgotton Anne video games available for download. I encourage you to try some of them out to see which one you enjoy the most.