Forager mod 1.0.13 Unlimited Resources

App Name Forager
Genre Adventure
Developer Humble Bundle
Size 128.8MB
Latest Version 1.0.13
Mod info Unlimited Resources
Update January 17, 2022 (5 months ago)

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Description of Forager

Forager for phones is an attractive game that you cannot ignore. Before releasing versions for both iOS and Android, Forager made a splash when released on Nintendo Switch and PC in 2019. The game is currently available on Google Play at $7.99, but players can download APK files for a free experience and get unlimited money and features.

Easy but Full of Charm Gameplay
Easy but Full of Charm Gameplay

Forager is an RPG element adventure game produced and developed by Humble Bundle. This is a game with beautiful graphics, addictive, and has an atmosphere that combines excellent elements between the genres Adventure, Mission, and RPG. One of the unique features in this game’s gameplay is the variety, combining aspects of discovery, survival, cultivation, and construction in the game, and players will certainly not get bored.

At the start, players will control a relatively weak character. You need to gradually improve the character’s skills in different areas and increase your level. As you progress, you'll be able to equip your base and the best equipment, establish diplomatic relations with other players, and even build the desired world.

The types of works, props, and talents in Forager are very plentiful, classified into four categories: industry, agriculture, economics, and magic.

Slow Pace Game Doesn’t Make You Bored
Slow Pace Game Doesn’t Make You Bored

Forager has a relatively slow pace of play, helping players feel relaxed, not under much pressure in the journey to explore the lands in the game. This is an open environment sandbox game. The exploitation and management of players' resources are critical. Players will need to mine and collect wood, stones, metals, and gems to build their island.

The game characters also need to eat and rest so that the blood bar does not drop quickly. You can use resources, manual tools for faster extraction. Building a base will protect you from outside dangers and give you a place to store resources.

Initially, many players will find this game quite boring and simple. Daily chores are all about gathering resources, exploring, building bases, solving puzzles. However, once you have finished the work, you can expand the land by buying more. From there, there will be many other exciting quests and things to explore. Currently, the game has more than 20 grounds and a lot of new itineraries for you.

Once you have expanded and moved to other lands, don't forget to go back in time as resources can be regenerated, and you will get some handy resources. However, do not roam at night because monsters will appear, and they will attack you.

While Forager will have its own set of quests, they will help connect with puzzles to help you figure out the game’s actual storyline. If you don't like to play with inquiries, you can still set a goal for yourself.

Simple but Attractive 2D Graphic

With a simple 2D design, it makes the game attractive and unique. Many mysteries and exciting things are waiting for you in the dungeons nestled among the big bushes, the gem ore mines abandoned behind the mountains, and many dungeons that no one has discovered. You will have a chance to become part of the Forager world, a place for adventurers who love to explore and build.

Fun Game to Enjoy
Fun Game to Enjoy

If you want to find a peaceful place to relax and do whatever you want, come to Forager. Not just an ordinary sandbox game, the game also has an engaging storyline. Very few idle games can make players immerse themselves for hours, but Forager MOD has made players completely conquered by cute images, exciting secrets in the game.

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