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App Name Flight
Genre Adventure
Developer Ashim Shakya
Size 116.6MB
Latest Version OBB
Mod info Unlocked All
Update January 17, 2022 (5 months ago)

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Description of Flight

Coming to the world of Flight from Ashim Shakya, you will be free to fly between the vast nature, enjoy the feeling of freedom in the sky. This latest title from Ashim Shakya will take your entertainment experience to the next level. Feel free to immerse yourself in amazing open-world adventure and simulation gameplay as you traverse beautiful worlds.

Play Free Flight APK on Android Mobiles
Play Free Flight APK on Android Mobiles

Incarnate into A Monk or A Crow to Explore Freely

In Flight, you will transform into a crow or a monk to fly through the beautiful valleys and mountains of Nepal, where you can fly, explore and do whatever you want without any danger. You can freely interact with your surroundings and don't have to worry about predators, hunters, or enemies. To do is simply enjoy the beautiful music and scenes without worrying about missions or challenges in the game.

Crossing the trees, flying through the jungle, and conquering the highest peaks is what you will enjoy. This game will impress players because of its unique and fascinating gameplay.

Besides being a bird, you can also explore the underground forest by touching the "Transform" button. You will instantly transform into a nature-loving monk. There are many interesting underground places for you to explore, such as canyons, streams, and waterfalls.

Flight does not have any modes, missions, or high requirements, and you cannot die when falling from above. Besides, the game also does not have anything for you to interact with, like picking up a rock or a branch, so you can do nothing but move and watch the scenery.

This game is as simple as that! I do not know that Ashim Shakya wants players to freely experience and explore or that they have not updated the latest features for Flight.

No Pressure and Mission! Just Enjoy It!

No Pressure and Mission! Just Enjoy It!
No Pressure and Mission! Just Enjoy It!

In Flight, the panel between monks and crows will have various points. For the monk, the controls are similar to the usual role-playing games. On the left side of the screen is the virtual joystick to control the character's movement. The left side of the screen includes a switch, fast run, and jump.

Flight also has simple and intuitive controls. Just tap the screen to transform between the two shapes and unlock lots of fun movements and interactions with the controls provided.

Certainly, gamers will be completely amazed by the relaxed and free gameplay in the game. The added relaxing elements will make the game attractive to players. The gameplay is also suitable for gamers of all ages. You can always enjoy the game to the fullest.

Flight also has different visual presets, which will trigger unique graphic elements on the map with lots of cool visual effects. Therefore, players can choose to enjoy different visual themes in the game and make the most of the adventure.

Besides, you can choose your favorite time of day to start playing the game and unlock different weather with immersive and engaging 3D effects. Simultaneously, the game also has the option of day/night or weather to make things change naturally.

Meticulous Graphics to Every Detail

Meticulous Graphics to Every Detail
Meticulous Graphics to Every Detail

The game has stunning 3D graphics and true to every detail with majestic landscapes. Motion in the game is also extremely smooth. Players will get a clear view of the steam coming from the ravine as they move through the waterfall. Overall, the Flight lighting, effects, and viewing angles are very meticulously designed. You can not ignore impressive weather effects, and you can watch the sunrise on the mountain. It was a great experience! Moreover, the game has great background music, helping you immerse yourself in the wonderful nature.

Best Way to Explore Flight

With the simple gameplay but extremely attractive, Flight promises to bring players absolute relaxation. There will be no pressure of time, duty, or money. Players just need to enjoy the freedom of flying under the sky. This title is very suitable for entertainment and stress relief.

The game is currently priced at $1.99 on Google Play, but you can download and install APK files for free!

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