Flappy Bird mod 1.3

Flappy Bird
App Name Flappy Bird
Genre Casual
Developer dotGEARS
Size 0.8MB
Latest Version 1.3
Update July 01, 2022 (1 months ago)

Description of Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird is a mobile game that is loved by millions of gamers around the world because of its fun and addictive gameplay. The game was developed by a Vietnamese programmer and released by dotGEARS game company in 2013. When relaxing at this game, players not only have moments of fun and relaxation, but also practice their critical abilities. closeness and ingenuity.

Introducing Flappy Bird game

Among the games built and developed by Vietnam, Flappy Bird is the most outstanding product when it is highly appreciated by domestic and foreign experts. Winged praise such as: "Flappy Bird can eclipse Candy Crush Saga as 2014's most popular game because of its addictiveness" or Flappy Bird was also named "Drugs on the App Store" " has shown the attraction and great success of this game. Many gamers have "changed the wind" with this gameplay to find fun for themselves after a busy day.

The birds flap their wings

Flappy Bird is set up quite similar to the globally famous Super Mario game and the fun is no less competitive. The task of the gamer when relaxing in this game is to control the bird through the openings of the pipe. The farther the player goes, the higher the score will be. Of course, the difficulty will increase with each level when the pipes are arranged abnormally, making the bird easy to hit its head if the player controls it not skillfully. Looking at the simple gameplay, many players have failed in this gameplay. The creator of the game once shared that "just try again" and you will succeed. That is also the motivation that motivates many people to want to conquer this game.

Fun way to play

The game version has a simple gameplay when only the player needs to touch the screen with one finger to control the bird through all the openings of the pipe quickly and safely. If the bird hits the pipe, the game is easy to stop there, which means you have to bring the bird back to the starting wall to start over.

Graphics, sound

Flappy Bird is built on a 2D graphics platform, designed in a simple but impressive retro style. The whole game revolves around the purple bird and the blue pipes arranged differently but has a magical and irresistible attraction. The sound in the game sounded cheerfully by the "ting ting" sound after the bird successfully moved through each pipe, making gamers extremely excited.

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