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Fate Grand Order
App Name Fate Grand Order
Genre Role Playing
Developer Aniplex Inc.
Size 44.3MB
Latest Version 1.8.0
Mod info Originals
Update June 15, 2022 (2 weeks ago)

Description of Fate Grand Order

Fate Grand Order is known as an amazing mobile role-playing game which is developed by Aniplex. In fact, the game is highly appreciated in many categories at Google Play for many years. It seems that this game is for those who follow and love the Fate anime series. With an impressive main scenario including countless quests, characters, all elaborate features, and millions of lines of the original story, Fate/Grand Order deserves a game without any problems. Anyone should try it once.


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The course of this game revolves around an organization called Chaldea. They have the duty to protect the survival of humanity through generations. By observing the future through SHIVA, members of this ministry have identified the destruction of humanity in July 2016. You are also part of the organization and one of the 48 people on the project Fate Grand Order. Through it, you will return to the time domain of the past with a single but extremely important task.

Specifically, you need to destroy all factors that cause the reversal of the flow of time. However, you are not respected by other members. During a major surprise meeting, the Lev Reinol Flauros organization made a surprise attack. This puts 48 people in the organization into a state of hibernation. Even the head of the entire project Olga-Marie was sent to nowhere.

Luckily, since you were kicked out of the meeting, you became a survivor. You need to go back to the past in Fuyuki city. With the help of Dr. Roman and Olga-Marie in the future, you must stop the fifth holy grail war.

Attractive Gameplay

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The timing of the events that led to the destruction of man was very near. As the protagonist's companion, you won't be able to let this happen. As a Master, you need to summon different characters to aid in combat. The characters are also divided into many different classes, including Saber, Lancer, Archer, and more.

With the characters you already owned, build a tactical combat squad. Remember the counter rule: Saber is superior to Lancer, Lancer is superior to Archer and Archer is superior to Saber. The most powerful formation to stop the destruction of mankind. In each match, players will choose 2 teams to enter the Fate/Grand Order arena. The main lineup consists of up to 3 people, including 2 of your characters and the other can be that of other players. The reserve team is the way to prevent the main lineup from being completely destroyed.


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By using beautiful 2D graphics, Fate/Grand Order follows the Japanese cartoon style with bright and extremely sharp color bands. Extremely beautiful skill effects are meticulously designed by developers to give players the best experience.

Download Fate Grand Order APK for Android

Undeniably, Fate/Grand Order MOD APK is a game that brings a lot of emotions to the player through intense battles and beautiful graphics. The battles between good and evil are waiting for you to join, are you ready? In addition, we have many other interesting games, you can find what you want here.

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