Evil Lands mod 2.2.0 (Free Unlock, Upgrade Skill)

Evil Lands
App Name Evil Lands
Genre Role Playing
Developer Rage Quit Games Llc
Size 130
Latest Version 2.2.0
Mod info (Free Unlock, Upgrade Skill)
Update August 11, 2022 (3 days ago)

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Description of Evil Lands

If you are looking for yourself a genre of survival role-playing game that is attractive and dramatic, it is impossible to ignore Evil Lands mod Apk. This is one of the most famous genres of survival games today that many people have downloaded and experienced.

Introduce about game Evil Lands

What is Evil Lands game?

Evil Lands mod Apk is a game in the survival role-playing genre it is similar to other games such as: Hero Wars, Epic Conquest 2,.... When the game steps it will take you on a survival journey in a world against brutal zombies, and other types of monsters as well as elite warriors. Here you can find different weapons and many types of armor as well as food and food for you to survive and live.

Gameplay Evil Lands Apk

A whole new world

Do you know what is the price to be able to destroy monsters or not? That's hundreds of thousands of people losing their homes. Everyone loses many of their relatives in the matches that occur. Evil Lands mod Apk game depicts a world where demons are raging, making it difficult for people to keep calm, people are very panicked because of the invasion of these demons. With simple and straightforward gameplay, you will follow a linearly built storyline, gradually being able to overcome many challenges and progress to become the strongest brave hero. Although not too new, the game still brings an attractive feeling thanks to the new designs as well as the specific interpretation of the manufacturer to make players feel excited when coming to the game.

A place for you to realize your dreams

In the game Evil Lands mod Apk there is a land called the land of evil this is a place where humans cannot live. Through designs like the medieval era, players will be imagining interesting stories. Moreover, these are the new perspectives of the manufacturer who created it and put it into the game to combine giauwx ancient style and modern style. The combat mechanism is extremely familiar, allowing players to see from a 3rd person perspective to observe everything in the game. But during this time, you will not have too much time to observe but must focus on attacking everything in front of you.

The game's map doesn't really clearly show the paths and places where monsters exist. It's just a small amount of light ahead that lets players know how many monsters are approaching themselves. Because of this forces players to explore the entire vast map on their own to find all kinds of monsters, as well as search for Bosses. It also contains danger and extreme suspense; If you are not careful and rush into the place where there are too many monsters, it is very likely that you will have to play from the beginning. 

This is also the mission that you must strive for

When participating in the Evil Lands mod Apk game, players will use all their inherent abilities to defeat monsters, dragons, and bosses lurking in the Evil Lands. But before being able to complete all of that, players will have to choose characters. This seems to be one of the forced steps of RPGs like this when you can choose completely different character classes to suit your own fighting style. You can choose MightyMage, Shadow, ... and many more character classes that have perfectly designed skills and can be combined smoothly to create beautiful skills. However, as you battle and unleash skills, keep an eye on your own energy levels. If you run out of energy then you will not be able to unleash any more skills and have to use normal attacks.

Download Evil Lands for Android and IOS

With the outstanding features mentioned above, Evil Lands is one of the most famous games today. What are you waiting for without immediately downloading Evil Lands mod Apk on the Modradar page to your device and enjoy the interesting things from this game always?



What publisher is Evil Lands game from?

Evil Lands comes from the publisher: apkmodule.

Does Evil Lands mod Apk play or lag?

Your phone meets the minimum configuration required of evil lands mod Apk game. Then you will be able to play normally without lag.

Is Evil Lands mod Apk game easy to play?

Evil Lands mod Apk has quite simple gameplay, even for newbies it can be played easily. You just need to do a few simple steps to easily create a tool to rebuild the city.

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