Epic Conquest 2 mod + apk 1.6a Unlimited Money

Epic Conquest 2
App Name Epic Conquest 2
Genre Role Playing
Developer Gaco Games
Size 234.1MB
Latest Version 1.6a
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update January 18, 2022 (6 months ago)

Description of Epic Conquest 2

If you are into the role-playing game genre, you should not pass on Epic Conquest 2 mod apk. This game is a classic single-player action/adventure RPG with a unique storyline and combat features that stand out from other titles in the same genre.

Epic Conquest 2 is a sequel to Gaco Games' Epic Conquest, and has gotten over a million downloads on the Google Play Store in less than three months. It was first released on Steam, but now Android users can play the game right on their phones. What has made this game so special? Let’s have a look.

The Quest to Save the World

Epic Conquest 2

The world in Epic Conquest 2 is always full of danger with countless ferocious monsters. As the protagonist, you are on a quest to cleanse it from the dark magic and become the savior of this world. How the game ends is up to you.

In the beginning, you are given three characters to choose. They possess somewhat similar skills and abilities, thus you can select the hero according to your preference. On the journey, you will meet other teammates that can help you with your conquest. Each character in Epic Conquest 2 possesses many different characteristics, such as weapon systems, skills, and how they interact with the world. They can be customized and personalized to create an immersive RPG experience for players.

Intuitive Control and Fighting Mechanic

The control system in Epic Conquest 2 is pretty much similar to other RPG games. Movement control will be on the left side, while skills will be on the right. You can also check for other stats right on the screen like your health and mana bar, zoom in and out the minimap, change the camera view, etc. Everything is optimized for the best gaming experience for players.

The game also introduces a brand new fighting mechanism, with a diverse and glamorous combo system that can be further upgraded to increase the damage and chaining time. All works perfectly with the auto-aim and navigation scheme, personalizable to suit most players.

Become the Best Trader

Epic Conquest 2 includes many features for players to explore, and one of them is crafting items and trading goods. All equipment and items are meticulously designed, making the visual effects more vivid and realistic. Equipment crafting can also be super exciting, as the variety of weapons and items gives players many opportunities to experience different fighting styles. I am always fond of shooting stuff, so a gun or a bow would be best for me. What are yours?

Encounter Epic Bosses

On the journey, players will face hundreds of unexpected and dangerous challenges, giving players great rewards and experiences. One of the indispensable elements of the RPG genre is boss battles, where the player's skill and reflexes are pushed to the highest. Moreover, bosses can evolve mid-battle, making every fight much more intense and thrilling.

Awe-inspiring Graphics and Visual Effects

Awe-inspiring Graphics and Visual Effects

The graphics of Epic Conquest 2 are extremely impressive, with the entire character and surroundings built-in 3D. Although the Android version cannot be compared to its cousin on Steam, the image quality and visual effects are meticulously designed, ensuring the best experience for all players. Sadly, to enjoy the highest graphics, your phone must be among the high-end series.

Download Epic Conquest 2 MOD APK for Android

The game is currently being released as an Early - Access version, and the developers promise to deliver the official version in the near future. In the meantime, you can play the original game on the Play Store or install the modded version at the link below. Enjoy the MOD!

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