Empire Warriors Premium mod 2.4.20 Unlimited All/VIP

Empire Warriors Premium
App Name Empire Warriors Premium
Genre Strategy
Developer Zitga
Size 91.4MB
Latest Version 2.4.20
Mod info Unlimited All/VIP
Update April 26, 2022 (3 weeks ago)

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Description of Empire Warriors Premium

Empire Warriors Premium: Fight Powerful Enemies With Your Cunning Strategy!

game empire warriors premium mod apk

Coming to Empire Warriors Premium MOD APK, you must take on a mission of a legendary tactician. In the context of being attacked from the Grando army, Prince Jave commanded the army to fight fiercely. Unfortunately, the enemy was very strong and it seemed that the imperial army seemed to have been lost. As a legendary tactician who was mentioned in the prophecies, you will help Jave defend the castle and destroy all enemies. 

Make a plan to protect the inhabitants of the kingdom. Wherever the bad guy goes, it is so devastating, unable to let this scene go on anymore. Try to be the commander on many battles and show your leadership skills.

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Defend the Kingdom by Battles

The main roads leading to the center of the Kingdom had all been discovered by the enemy. They are conducting invasions and using weapons to smash things. Over time, the difficulty increases with more enemies. You cannot send troops to confront the enemy head-on. You can trade the battle system for the collapsing towers. But you absolutely must not step back to let the territory fall into the enemy's hands. They always produce persistent persecution with a diverse army.

Tower Defense

empire warriors premium mod

There are 4 types of defensive towers with different combat functions in Empire Warriors Premium. Lightning Dance Tower, Archer Tower, Magic Tower and Golem Tower. Depending on the specific battle, you choose how to fight properly. The tower has a strong attack power and great damage, and costs to build are more expensive than the rest. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate the enemy before choosing a strategy for the upcoming battles. However, in difficult battlefields, it is necessary to combine everything you have. In fact, you cannot just use a few towers of the same type to stop the enemy.


empire warriors premium mod apk

Daring to step into the chaos has been a great success for you. This place includes many forces not only humans. Goblins, monsters, and dwarves gradually appear and become your opponents even though you do not have a grudge against them.

To be able to continue fighting, you need to upgrade defense towers while the battle is going on. Use the earned money to improve the defense system better.

Endless Mode

In Empire Warriors Premium MOD APK, you can participate in endless levels in Endless mode. Strive to put your name on the international rankings list with many other players. Endless battles will be a test of the effectiveness of your battle plan. Show everyone that you are the best tactician.

More Than 120 Maps and Levels

On the battlefield, representing players will be Heroes with diverse strengths; You can choose any hero in a campaign and control them on the battlefield. Heroes always have passive skills, and they will affect the surrounding towers.

The heroes will be effective assistants to ground armies, and players can control them to support important locations. The upgrade system will be very diverse and rich, it allows players to upgrade Towers, Heroes and Skills for greater power in campaigns.

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Empire Warriors Premium MOD APK is a unique Tower Defense game, and it has great gameplay to stimulate player creativity in strategy building. That is why this game is widely loved and it is also constantly updating new campaigns for players to experience.