Elune Mod Apk 2.11.10 (Unlimited Money)

App Name Elune
Genre Role Playing
Developer Gamevil
Size 106.8MB
Latest Version 2.11.10
Mod info Unlimited Money
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Update October 06, 2021 (1 months ago)

Description of Elune

Elune Mod Overview

Following the success of the role-playing game series, GAMEVIL continues to release Elune Mod to allow players to explore new stories and lives. Is it deserving of being a fantastic product to look forward to?

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From the very beginning, the universe was just a space without life. Thanks to the chaos, orders were established. The Creator created the first dimension called Astoria and then created the creatures that live in the same dimension. But he did not expect that the chaos that just happened also created another hidden dimension, with many monsters. They are cruel, constantly attempting to spark conflict battles, putting Astoria on the edge of extinction.

Not wanting his children to be killed, the Creator once again created the guards, known as the Elune. The order and peace of Astoria are becoming ever fragile. As an Elune, can you repel the negative consequences that occurred during the universe's creation?


Elune Mod Apk begins in the ancient forest, the birthplace of life. It is known to be the home of goblins and wild peoples from ancient history. You'll be exploring this location with three friends: Lyn, Lato, and Medina.

This game has a role-playing genre and turn-based gameplay. You control a group of heroes, trying to cross areas to develop the story while unlocking new features. The game will provide you with all of the necessary information and instructions to understand what is going on.

As mentioned above, Elune has turn-base gameplay. There are two things we want to say about this. The characters in the game are customizable, allowing you to tailor your battle tactics. A team with fewer members still has a chance to win if the attacks are well-organized and well-planned. Second, there are minor changes to the gameplay, but they make a significant difference. Your heroes use skill to deal damage to someone. But the opponent can block it and counterattack immediately.

Diverse Character System

According to the developer's information, you can explore a collection of 200 heroes from various clans, races, and classes in Elune. It also means that they have remarkable abilities that you can apply to the squad's overall strategy.

Medina is a witch who can heal people. Meanwhile, Lyn is an angel, and her attacks grant soul points, allowing her teammates to use the skill more effectively. And Lato is a hero who can fight as well as defend.

There are many other talents as well. They will appear in a new land that you have not yet explored or possibly in a different dimension than Astoria.


Not only are the characters diverse, but each of them can evolve to become stronger by leveling up, improving skills, and equipping themselves with better equipment. These activities improve an individual's strength, health, defense, and attack performance.


Not only in Astoria but also many other lands and dimensions are met with chaos by evil forces. Please visit "Challenge" at the menu on the home screen if you want to help them. There, Elune has Boss battles on the battlefield or in other dimensions. It also includes some new adventures not previously seen in the storyline.

Note: the rules can differ from Astoria, and the difficulty is much more severe!

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Elune has shown its potential as it got loads of downloads shortly after its release. There are many things to look forward to. Do not hesitate to download and experience it now!