Elly and the Ruby Atlas Mod Apk 1.21 (Updating)

Elly and the Ruby Atlas
App Name Elly and the Ruby Atlas
Genre Adventure
Developer ASSIST Software
Size 214.3MB
Latest Version 1.21
Mod info Updating
Root No
Internet Yes
Get it On com.Assist.EllyAndTheRubyAtlas
Update October 11, 2021 (2 weeks ago)

Description of Elly and the Ruby Atlas

Elly and the Ruby Atlas Mod Apk Overview

Elly and the Ruby Atlas Mod Apk is an immersive mobile game that can be played offline and gives players a complete experience with excellent 3D graphics.

About Elly and Ruby Atlas 

Elly and the Ruby Atlas, released by ASSIST Software, is a game where you can transform into a beautiful brave female captain. She goes on adventures on a faraway ocean full of troubles and dangers. Elly chases after the evil pirate with the sole goal of bringing him to justice and retrieving the precious family heirloom. Courageous, sharp-headed, and determined, are you ready to help Elly fight and bring justice back to town?

Video Game Trailer

Plot of Game

Elly and the Ruby Atlas tells about the adventures at sea of Elly, a brave young girl. Her town was stolen by an evil group of pirates, including an heirloom from her family.

Faced with that situation, Elly decided to form a pirate team, and together they began their adventure on the sea. Her main goal is to take back the heirloom item but also become a legendary pirate. Will she achieve her goal? Play this game now to discover the truth.

Attractive Gameplay

Before you start playing, you will see a quality trailer of Elly and the Ruby Atlas created by the publisher so you have an overview of it. However, compared to the reality, what the trailer shows doesn't really match. It makes me think this is a 3D game, but when I play this game, I really realize this is a side scrolling game with improved graphics.

In general, the gameplay of this game is not too difficult to grasp. You will transform into Elly and adventure through different towns, islands and locations in the sea. During the journey, you will encounter many different troubles caused by obnoxious bandits. They all have weapons like swords or guns and can harm you at any time. So, you must use a range of skills to create combos to defeat them. Help Elly find the family heirloom and fulfill her wish.

Intuitive Controls

Like I said, this game has a similar design to side scrolling. Therefore, you can control the character of the pot to move to both sides, left or right. The skill keys are located in the right corner of the screen, you use them to attack the enemy's body, legs or head.

There are two ways to attack bandits that you can use, including:

Slash Attack: Performed by briefly pressing the virtual keys on the control panel

Thrust Attack: Performed by holding and dropping.

In addition, you must also pay attention to Elly's stamina indicator bar when she performs combat or defense actions. These stats show a character's abilities and it can recover over time.

Explore Areas on the High Seas

You will wander the world with your teammates and hate visiting different towns and islands where dangers and challenges await.

At the beginning of a trip, you will have to spend some money to maintain the crew. Depending on the length of time traveling at sea, you need to decide how much money you will have to spend. This money will be used to cater for the journey by purchasing food and necessary tools. To be able to collect more money to cover, you can go along the sea or town to collect money and valuable objects from the capture of the previous survivors.

As you go on, you will face greater dangers along with formidable enemies. After completing quests or fighting enemies, you will collect map pieces to expand the map for you to explore.

Regularly Maintain Your Ship

The ship that is your only vehicle is also the most important thing for a pirate, so you need to take care of it regularly. Don't let your ship malfunction after fighting enemy fleets, otherwise you will be at a great disadvantage. Therefore, you need to regularly check the status of the ship, if it is damaged, you need to use it immediately.

Equip your Character

To make your character stand out from the crowd, Elly and the Ruby Atlas offers a number of items for you to equip Elly like clothes, hats, swords, and guns. You can buy them in the store or through refining / fabricating with the respective ingredients.

Graphics and Sound

Looking at them, I do not appreciate the graphics quality of this game. However, Elly and the Ruby Atlas MOD APK has a very interesting, addictive gameplay. The game content is built in great detail, in addition, it also opens up to players new aspects of the lives of sailors and pirates. Besides, the publisher also added the game with interesting sounds to enhance the player's experience.

Download Elly and the Ruby Atlas MOD APK for Android

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