Dirty Revolver Mod Apk 2.0 (Unlimited Money)

Dirty Revolver
App Name Dirty Revolver
Genre Action
Developer Dreambox Visual Communications
Size 160MB
Latest Version 2.0
Mod info Unlimited Money
Get it On com.Dreambox.RustyRevolver
Update July 03, 2021 (5 months ago)

Description of Dirty Revolver

Dirty Relvoler is an action game released by Dreambox Visual Communications in September 2020. This is an interesting shooting game for those who love cowboy themes in the west of America. Show off your superior shooting skills to defeat your opponent!

Storyline of Dirty Revolver

When it comes to the American West, the first image that we all think of is the big, muscular cowboys. Dirty Revolver will bring you to the American West in the 18th century. The game’s main character had to go through a tragic childhood when he watched his mother and brother get killed, and he was luckily saved by his father. Since then, when he was growing up, he always had a burning intention to destroy Wesley (who is behind everything) and his friends to avenge his mother and brother.

Video Game Trailer

Simple Gameplay

Unlike today's shooters, you will not have to go looking to collect weapons before fighting enemies in Dirty Revolver. The gameplay in this game is greatly simplified. When entering the battle, you and your opponent will stand at both ends of the battle line; each side will have a trench to avoid bullets from your opponent.

The character will automatically find a place to hide and wait when you give the command to attack; he will escape from the safe area and fire bullets towards the enemy. Remember that your opponent is not a faint fowl; he also knows how to dodge the bullet, hide and find opportunities to kill you. So, choose a wise time to defend and counterattack; you will easily win if you have a good strategy.

Both you and your enemy have an amount of health, one of you who gets hit and out of all the health first is the loser. Note that in order to deliver a critical strike, you should aim your opponent at head. Besides, you can play in horseback riding mode while shooting to take down opponents right on horseback.

Overcoming Tough Challenges

Don't forget your main goal in this Dirty Revolver is to kill Wesley to avenge your loved one. This is not an easy task; you will have to go through a series of difficulties and challenges before. In order to reach and kill the enemy, you must weaken the army by clearing your throat and unlock many secrets in this ambitious desert.

There are a total of 4 different lands that you can join, namely: ColdWater, SpringDay, DirtyCity, and Darkwater.

In each land, you will pass dozens of different chapters; after every few chapters, you will meet the Boss, and in the last level, you will fight a Big Boss to unlock the next level.

Weapon Upgrades

In Dirty Revolver, you will have to fight alone with your opponent without any support. Winning will depend entirely on your shooting skills. Owning a good gun is also one of your great advantages in the fight. So don't forget to upgrade your gun to make defeating the enemy easier. However, it seems that this game doesn't have much to upgrade. You only need to use the money received after doing quests to buy better guns and have great power to serve your survival battle.


With sharp graphics, Dirty Revolver has successfully recreated the image of the remote countryside of America in the past.

Download the Dirty Revolver for Android

Dirty Revolver will cost you $0.99 on Google Play to download, but you can completely free download by using the links we provide below!