Defense Heroes Mod Apk 0.5.0 (Unlimited Money)

Defense Heroes
App Name Defense Heroes
Genre Strategy
Developer Zala Games
Size 102.3MB
Latest Version 0.5.0
Mod info Unlimited Money
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Update October 15, 2021 (1 months ago)

Description of Defense Heroes

Fight with your unique defender tactics in the best offline strategy game today, the game without Internet - Defense Heroes: Defender War Tower Defense Offline Mod Apk.

Are you ready to embark on a defender adventure with epic heroes and the most engaging battles in goalkeepers - Games without the Internet, games offline, best offline games today? Join the battle in the strategy game, and destroy monsters. Time to recruit many defender heroes to fight, defend and win.

Like other strategy games like Plants vs Zombies, Defense Heroes will bring you to the dramatic and fierce battles. Although this is just a game released by a newly established game studio, based on what I have experienced, this is a game worth trying.

Attractive Plot

Defense Heroes tells about the endless battles of heroes to protect the world from evil creatures. After days of fighting, they return to their homeland triumphantly and bring their aspirations for a peaceful life. But it seems that heaven cannot please people when the door of hell opens, bringing with it the zombies and hideous hell demons. The human race is in danger by the onslaught of those disgusting things.

Their protagonist, Saint Swordsman, when he led his army, it was turned into a ruin, covered with blood and corpses. He is determined to lead his warriors to protect innocent people from the evil that comes from hell. However, the enemies he and the warriors are about to face are not ordinary people; they are undead and demons from hell with powerful spells. Will you help Saint Swordsman?

Tactics Challenge

Your mission is to touch the most strategic positions to build an army of invincible defender heroes defending the route. If you do not quickly come up with appropriate defense strategies, you will soon be lost by the number of monsters, and bosses will constantly increase rapidly. Be careful!

Awaken Defense Heroes

Later, the difficulty and complexity of the game increase. Meanwhile, you will have to face enemies with great power and magic. They can also be invisible so that the heroes cannot attack or damage them. This is when the hero's special skills come into play.

That is:

  • Lighter: Ability to illuminate invisible enemies
  • Knights: Power up the entire squad to be able to defeat enormous enemies.
  • Mage: Freezes enemies, slowing them down.

Besides, do not forget to upgrade and awaken your royal warriors to gain an edge in the game’s fighting battles. When the powerful heroes combined with smart tactics will help you easily win the two empires’ defender battle.

With 6 main lines of generals, including 60+ warriors, each defender hero has different superior skills. Recruit, summon your generals and use the most suitable defense tactics to take advantage of and unleash incredible powers.

The magic skills of defense defender heroes are extremely diverse, such as pushing monsters down the cliff, shooting from the trees, freezing the enemy, healing teammates, or increasing money in the game screen will help you win in each game. Tower defense defender battle!

Graphics and Sound

This game received many compliments from eye-catching graphics to interesting gameplay, many challenging levels that make you feel immersed in it and you can experience the game for hours without getting bored. In addition, the game sound is also reasonably designed, creating a sense of suspense and excitement for players while playing the game. Overall, this is a game that is worth a try!

Download Defense Heroes MOD APK for Android

During the game, you will likely need support items, summon more heroes, and upgrade them. In essence, this process costs a lot of coins, but you can earn them when you win or achieve special achievements. However, in my experience with this original version, you probably won't be able to make a lot of coins to do the things you want. So, download and install the modified version of Defense Heroes that we provide. Here, you will have a lot of coins available to upgrade and equip your hero.

Defense Heroes: Defender War Tower Defense Trailer