Deep Town: Mining Factory mod + apk 5.4.1 Mod Money

Deep Town: Mining Factory
App Name Deep Town: Mining Factory
Genre Strategy
Developer Rockbite Games
Size 77.2Mb
Latest Version 5.4.1
Mod info Mod Money
Update May 03, 2022 (2 weeks ago)

Description of Deep Town: Mining Factory

Have you ever thought about what happens when our planet runs out of natural resources? How will people have to live, and how to cope with that danger? Deep Town: Mining Factory Mod Apk will give you an answer that I believe you've never heard of: Dig down, but on another planet! Join me in exploring the universe and bringing the necessary resources for life. Who knows, maybe you will have a new idea that can save the future Earth?

Dig Deeper

game deep town mining factory mod apk

Deep Town's gameplay is a combination of various game genres such as a clicker, idle, management, simulation, and strategy. The game will begin when you choose for yourself a suitable planet and land safely on the surface. From your spaceship, you will start to drill down the geological layers below slowly. Once you've drilled to the right depth, you'll have to place exploration drills and use them to exploit the resources you find.

Each planet has many geological layers, hidden within many precious metals, minerals, precious stones, and other valuable resources. You can quickly reap massive profits by mining, but don't forget to protect the environment too. Trading a little profit with an entire ecosystem is not worth it, am I right?

There are many fascinating things hidden underground besides minerals. You can find marvelous natural wonders or even aliens’ historical relics from millions of millions of years ago. Find out for yourself, then come back here and comment below what you've found.

Besides the beautiful things underground, many dangers are waiting for you. They are tough and mighty monsters, seemingly only in fiction movies. They will prevent you from continuing with your work while also destroying what you have built up. You need to kill them if you want to go deeper, and Deep Town will help you. The game gives you many weapons to choose from, such as Ice Freeze, Fire Blast, Nano Cloud, etc. Upgrade them regularly to protect your mines.

Upgrade Your Machines

deep town mining factory mod

During the mining process, you will have to place a lot of resource mining machines. These are machines located on certain floors, usually where you defeated monsters before. These machines will automatically operate, search, and exploit the resources on that floor. Each device will have a different harvest limit, but you can also upgrade them to increase productivity and storage space.

There are many different types of mining machines depending on the minerals they exploit, including:

  • Mining Station: used to exploit minerals
  • Chemical Mining: used to exploit chemical elements
  • Oil Pump: used to dig for oil
  • Tech Lab: used to research underground technology

In addition, on some unique floors, you can build Cave With Carvings which are caves where you can search for antiques. When fully collected a set, you will receive handsome rewards.

Hop on Your Spaceship

deep town mining factory mod apk

The area that you'll spend most of your time on is your spaceship. This is both your base and your factory in the extraction process, as well as the place to direct all exploitation and product processing activities. In addition, this is also a repository of resources and where you use your skills to attack monsters. You can upgrade and further expand your spacecraft by opening the production and research lines inside. However, they will cost you a lot of money, so consider what to upgrade first.

Audio and Graphics

Deep Town: Mining Factory has gentle, melodious background music that brings a sense of relaxation to the player in a highly effective way. Although it is a straightforward game, Deep Town is meticulously refined by the publisher with extremely vivid sound effects such as the sound of digging, drilling, earth-breaking, etc., giving the feeling of traveling between planets.

Graphics in the game use bold tones, depict the depth as well as the dark, mysterious underground. You will never know what awaits you underneath each layer of soil. The machines are designed in modern style, showing the remarkable development of technology in the far future. Minerals, gems, or chemicals are refined and look extremely beautiful.

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