Days After mod 9.3.1 Immortality/Max Durability

Days After
App Name Days After
Genre Simulation
Size 114.0Mb
Latest Version 9.3.1
Mod info Immortality/Max Durability
Update June 24, 2022 (1 weeks ago)

Description of Days After

Days After Mod APK Game is a third-person survival game where you can control one of the few survivors of the event where zombies rise and destroy most of humanity. The survivors have escaped from civilization and taken refuge in the wilderness. How can they survive in extremely harsh conditions and surrounded by bloodthirsty Zombies? Download Days After now to help them do just that.

Download Days After Mod Apk for android

game days after survival games mod apk

That will be a challenging game and not accessible for players to overcome. You will have to survive in harsh conditions and gather resources to craft the necessary equipment and tools. Once you have enough resources and tools, build your base. That will be the place to protect you from wild animals and zombies. So make sure your base is strong enough and safe for you and other survivors.

You will never have a moment of peace in Days After. If you want to live, you'll need to do everything you can to find food and make the most of your survival skills.

Searching for civilizations that still exist

days after survival games mod

Your mission is to lead the group of survivors searching for a civilization that still exists after the events at the beginning of the game. Along the way, you will see hints of the game, which are the diaries of people who Zombies have killed. Use the clues from its diary to lead your team to find signs of life.

The trip will be challenging for the whole group. In this fierce world, you will have to face hunger, thirst, and even a mysterious virus.

Try to solve the quests, raid the surviving houses and investigate every clue to uncover the story of the infection that led to the apocalypse. The closer you get to the sign of civilization, the more zombies will attack you. The journey will become a lot more complicated. But the more missions you complete, the more weapons, resources, and information you have on other survivors.

Control system

days after survival games mod apk

The control system for Days After is quite simple and easy to understand for new players. On the left side of the screen, you have a virtual-navigation key to move around, and on the right side, you have buttons to interact with the objects that appear in the game. For example, it could be zombies for you to attack or other survivors to resupply. In addition, there is a backpack icon for easy access to your inventory.

The initial base you build will be the core base of your journey. If you are unlucky and are killed by zombies, the game will revive you at this base.

The world of Days After is vast and full of secrets with over thirty unique locations. Conquer all these locations and uncover the mysteries of human doom.


The game's graphics team has excellently shown the fierceness and brutality of a world that zombies have destroyed. The war between humans and the hideous zombies resonates with stunning effects and graphics that make players feel this challenging journey's realism.

Days After Mod APK is an excellent survival role-playing game. The factors I mentioned above have proved that. So download the APK version of the game now and join with the last survivors to find out the truth about the zombies and the signs of the last remaining civilization.

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