Cyber Fighters Mod Apk 1.11.65 (Free shopping / fashion menu)

Cyber Fighters
App Name Cyber Fighters
Genre Action
Developer Zitga
Size 109.5Mb
Latest Version 1.11.65
Mod info Free shopping / fashion menu
Get it On com.zitga.cyberfighters.shadow.hunter.legends
Update December 06, 2021 (17 hours ago)

Description of Cyber Fighters

Cyber ​​Fighters is a fighting game from the publisher ZITGA. That is a very famous publisher with the Stickman series, which has received worldwide love from the gaming community. In their latest comeback with Cyber ​​Fighters, they have continued to apply their success formulas with the familiar Hack n Slash style when the game reached 4.4 rating points on review sites.

Cyber ​​Fighters (Mod, Free shopping / fashion menu)

The game will take you to the city of Detroit in North America at the time after the end of the third world war. The power struggle between nations has divided this vast area into five parts, and the city of Detroit is the intersection of those five areas.

When the game's plot begins, the city has become anarchic, and riots are everywhere. Therefore, this place was also selected to become the largest solitary confinement prison globally, where the most aggressive criminals will be imprisoned. The fierce and bloody of this prison is shown that you can only enter but cannot get out.

You will transform into a Cyber ​​warrior and wander to this fierce prison. Unfortunately, other inmates will seriously threaten your life, or in other words, you are suitable prey for the aggressive criminals in Detroit. Your mission will be to do whatever it takes to survive in this harsh environment, and the only way for you to achieve that is to perform an impossible task, to become the head of Detroit.


The strongest point of this game is the eye-catching battle scenes with attacks involving chopping and slashing. Hundreds of enemies are waiting for you in challenging rounds, and their strength will increase as the game progresses. Your fierce and arduous battle will only end when you overcome the dark lord in the final stage.

With a minimalist 2D graphic style, you will be surprised by the skill effects that your Cyber ​​warrior can bring. The game's graphics are beautifully designed, with all the attacks shown meticulously and full of power, clearly showing the fierceness of the never-ending war.

You can control your character to move through the navigation key on the left side of the screen. In addition, attacks and combat skills will be displayed on the right-side keys. So let's learn the warrior's skill set and apply it perfectly to the battle to destroy the evil enemies successfully.

Complex Gaming System

Cyber ​​Fighters Mod Apk owns a highly complex system of missions, characters, and warrior skills. Refer to this system before starting the battle to understand the task, plot, and abilities that your character has to win.

Hundreds of enemies exist on many levels waiting for you to defeat them in the story mode. The more levels you pass, the more complex the challenges will be. In addition, the Arena and Survival modes also become extremely attractive and exciting for you to explore. These are the game modes present in most primary fighting games on the market, but overcoming them is not easy as it requires you to be competent and combine the necessary fighting skills.

Not only that, but the game also owns a lot of daily events and other tasks for you to complete and receive many valuable items. These items can help your warrior improve his combat skills and become stronger. So work hard and complete them to increase the fighting ability of your Cypher warrior.

Various Warriors

The game's publishers give you five different characters to choose from before starting the battle. One is the default player at the beginning of the game; the other four will only be unlocked after tough challenges.

The game will first introduce you to the bee lord Hachi. This man possesses deadly stings and is executed super fast, even at a great distance. That is a skill you can find in bees, and that's why he got that nickname.

Next, it's the fighting machine Czerno 21. The famous Cyborg of DC Comics inspires this character. He has modern equipment to attack opponents from all sides.

Inferno is a godly man with a painful past. He was born in prison and had to grow up among fierce criminals. His nickname is the messenger of rage, possessing a muscular body along with a giant iron hammer.

And finally, the killer girl Nala. She is a black person possessing lightning-fast movement speed. As can be seen, she represents the African black panther with a weapon of a sharp Zigarium spear.

The five characters of the game all have different fighting skills for you to take advantage of in each specific situation. Each character possesses dozens of skills with varying styles of fighting. It would help if you learned how to use these skills appropriately and combine them to create perfect combos.

Cyber ​​Fighters Apk Version

That is a game with extreme entertainment with the eye-catching battle phases of each character. You will have to practice a lot with the hero of your choice to be the leader of Detroit and survive in that bloody environment. If you are interested in this game without doing too many tasks to upgrade your character, try the APK version of the game.

This version will give you unlimited gold, soul, and stamina to make your characters stronger without you having to spend too much time investing in them. So what are you waiting for? Head to the city of Detroit, choose your character and engage in endless battles with ferocious enemies.