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CSGO Mobile
App Name CSGO Mobile
Genre Action
Developer Valve Corporation
Size 1.4GB
Latest Version 3.0
Mod info No Mod
Update March 22, 2022 (5 months ago)

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Description of CSGO Mobile

Overview of CSGO Mobile APK
Overview of CSGO Mobile APK

Now, fans of CS: GO can experience it right on their Android device.

Counter-Strike is the famous worldwide shooter series for more than 20 years. Up to the present time, the PC version called Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the most complete version of this game series.

Realizing the growth potential of CSGO on mobile platforms, Valve Corporation quickly launched CSGO Mobile. Basically, this version is for mobile platforms so the control will be slightly different from the PC. In addition, other details are preserved to ensure the best quality of the player's experience.


You will have to go through extremely fierce battles between the terrorist faction and the counterterrorist faction. By selecting the Bomb Defuse mode, you can participate in this fight immediately. The way this regime works is relatively simple, the terrorists will find a way to place bombs. Meanwhile, the anti-terrorist faction will prevent this from happening. Either team can also win by destroying all of their opponent's members.

In general, the gameplay of this game emphasizes teamwork and high discipline. That means you have to coordinate well with your teammates. In addition, some other game modes like Zombies, Team Deathmatch will make your experience even richer.


Like many other games of the same genre, you will still use the virtual steering wheel button to help your character move. Besides, you can click the skill buttons integrated on the screen to help the character perform some moves such as shooting, aiming, sitting, jumping. Remember, as you use your skills, you will unlock new buttons for more advanced attack skills to appear on the screen.

In my opinion, the control system layout in this game remains the same compared to other action games. Therefore, you can be completely assured of the simplicity that it brings.

Weapon System

The mobile version retains the same weapon system as the original PC version. Therefore, you can easily find familiar weapons such as AWM, M4A1, P250, AK47. In addition, CSGO Mobile APK also allows you to buy some necessary equipment during combat such as armor, bomb removal, and mines quickly. You need to look at them carefully before deciding to use them.


Currently you can only find 3 main maps: Dust 2, Mirage and Cache. New maps will be continuously updated through the next updated versions.


Compared to other games of the same genre, CSGO Mobile MOD APK is not inferior in terms of graphics, its image quality is invested extremely carefully. Therefore, you can enjoy the battles as vividly and beautifully as possible. The environment in the game is cared for to give the player the feeling of being transformed into a land in the future.

This is also for CSGO Mobile MOD APK that has very high requirements on machine configuration to experience. Therefore, low profile devices will have difficulty enjoying the game.

Download CSGO Mobile APK for Android

In general, CSGO Mobile APK will need a lot of time to perfect many aspects in the near future. If you are a lover of the traditional shooter genre, this game is a great choice. Because this game has a relatively large capacity, so make sure your device has enough space.

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