Crying Suns Mod Apk 2.2.5 (build 78) (Updating)

Crying Suns
App Name Crying Suns
Genre Strategy
Developer OREGAME
Size 61MB
Latest Version 2.2.5 (build 78)
Mod info Updating
Get it On com.altshift.orenda.cryingsuns
Update June 19, 2021 (5 months ago)

Description of Crying Suns

Download Crying Suns Mod Apk to participate in the raid on mysterious fleets in the universe. You can completely download it for free using the links we provide below!

About Crying Suns

Crying Suns is a strategy game in the science fiction space. An empire that existed for hundreds of years and spanned countless systems thanks to a dependence on autonomous AI creatures called ‘OMNI’ suddenly collapsed after all the machines were mysteriously shut down.

Begin with the exploration of the Imperial's secret clone facility. You will get lost in a Matrix empire. All you see is a tentacle robot called Kaliban. It informs you that you are a copy of Admiral Idaho and that he has awakened you because he has lost contact with the Empire.

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Crying Suns is a space station in outer space with a series of cloning machines. This is also the birthplace of our protagonist, OMNI (Omni Mechanical Neo-N Intelligence), and one of the Galaxy Empire facilities.

In this game, OMNI is aided by Kariban, an informational AI robot on a mission to fight intruders.

A different empire has recently emerged that threatens the Galaxy Empire’s reign for more than 700 years, so the OMNI was created to learn about the enemies and prevent their intrusion.

What will happen to OMNI and Kariban? Play Crying Suns now to find the answer!

Attractive Gameplay

Everything in the Empire slowly got worse; all the technology stopped working, devastating the radioactive systems. Your spaceship begins to participate in the exploration of the Royal Empire. You will receive assistance from Kaliban and two other clone officers. You and your crew will embark on a trip to make this disturbing turn together.

The central goal of the Crying Suns Mod Apk game is to reach the end of each area. You will be fighting other spaceships. All fortunes depend on you. At this point, the effects of the Crying Suns began to emerge. You need final resource management for this journey. If you are lucky, you may also be able to gather resources from any of the containers. If you run out of ingredients, you could be arrested, and your jet will hardly survive.

The core part of this strategy game is battles between spaceships. In these battles, you can use squadrons of four main categories: Drones, Fighters, Second Class Capture, and large ships. During the course of each battle, you try to destroy the enemy squadron. Then bring your ship into the distance of the three enemy centers.

Tactics, Characters, and Weapons

To win the Crying Suns, you need a good strategy. Besides, the combination of available characters in a reasonable way to make a bad strategy is also a factor to help you gain an advantage in battles.

In your team, there will be Zendaya Singh, Sarah Howard, Ibrahim Lopez, and Natalia Tsui members. Each person on the team will own one of three different skill levels for you to choose the right people for the challenge to prepare to face.

In addition, advanced weapons are also something you need to pay attention to if you want to win over the enemy. Rockets, cannons, guns, and specialized war machines and robots are available in the store; you can buy or unlock them if you have enough resources and money.

Graphics and Sound

Crying Suns has beautiful graphics, similar to science fiction movies. The details of the scene, people, battleships are designed quite meticulously. Simulation of space battles. The Crying Suns mobile version is redesigned based on what was previously available on the PC version, with a revamped interface suitable for touch screen interactions. Besides, the game audio is integrated into the developer making it more interesting and increasing the user experience better.

Download Crying Suns APK for Android

Crying Suns is currently on sale for $ 10.27 on Google Play. However, players can download it for free by clicking on a link to download the Crying Suns APK for Android devices below.