Criminal Case mod + apk 2.39 Unlimited Energy/Hints

Criminal Case
App Name Criminal Case
Genre Adventure
Developer Pretty Simple
Size 66.3Mb
Latest Version 2.39
Mod info Unlimited Energy/Hints
Update May 15, 2022 (1 months ago)

Description of Criminal Case

Are you a fan of detective movies? Then so, then Criminal Case will make your dream of becoming a detective. This is a video game that provides all players the setting to function as a detective. Presently, it's complimentary to download and install. We additionally supply a MOD version to offer you a much better experience!

Criminal Case - Track Down The Criminal Via Your Phone

If there is one way to make your use of a mobile phone more enjoyable, it would be adding Criminal Case Mod Apk. The game is such a game that you must try, thanks to a whole lot of features that will help you enhance your experience while playing the game. The most common tweaks include those related to the storyline and the characters. Let us discuss further about the game tweaks that can be applied to your computer screen.

The first Criminal Case Mod Apk tweak you can apply is to increase your high score. When you are not playing the game, you will have a chance to go back to certain stages and you can find a new high score which is equivalent to the memory space that was allowed for the existing level. This way the player will be able to progress through the different levels without stopping the current mission, which means that there is always an opportunity to go back and replay earlier parts of the level as many times as you want. Moreover, this will also help you in enjoying the entire gameplay which is quite difficult.

Challenging Tasks

Since we are talking about the Criminal Case Mod Apk tweak here, let us discuss further about the level of difficulty provided in the game. In the current version of the game, there are only three levels including the prologue which you have to complete before starting the main story. However, we are sure that with each new level you will be able to find more task that will challenge your skills even more. The only glitch that you may face would be that the detective does not react correctly at times when he meets some interesting personalities.

Apart, from all these exciting features this mod also provides the users with an interactive voice recognition feature. This feature enables you to use the voice of the detective during the investigation process. This not only keeps you engaged in the whole investigation procedure but it also helps you in monitoring the performance of your detective team. The voice recognition facility has been integrated with the Criminal Case which allows you to control your detective using only a few simple touch and mouse gestures. 

Another interesting feature of the game is its database of over a million free tips. These hints are provided for free and are accessible only to the paid members of this amazing application. Once you become a premium member you can access this database of clues for limitless energy and money on demand. The clues include useful information like address history, email address, work history, phone numbers and more. 

Since Criminal Case has an interface based on the KISS (Keep It Simple And Stupid) principle you will not get confused while working on your investigation as the interface will be very simple to understand and use.

Become an Excellent Detective

The very first challenge in Criminal Case is figuring out the dead of a girl murdered at the gate of the community. Right here, you will have to look for hints to offer the investigation. Let's start with searching for remains and weapons. They need to be sent to the lab for needed analysis and sampling.

You should look for the murder’s fingerprints, blood or tissue cells such as skin, nails and also hair. Therefore, you will easily locate his identity when combined with the police to recover information of residents in the community.

Nonetheless, if the perpetrator is a wiser one, you need to go through even more processes to be able to cause a last action. The research laboratory team will certainly supply some information such as how the sufferer was killed, the awesome was left-handed or right-handed. Combined with things that the system requires you to look at the scene, the constable will help in exploring and also zoning criminals.

If everything works out, you will certainly go back to the scene once again to seek things that have been missed out on. They can be bloody cloth, mail boxes to inspect the objects exposed to the target or anything that can bring info.

Graphics and Designs

Criminal Case is set in the dark vibe of what resembles a criminal situation. A bloody space and also remains to serve as the game's background. As you play, you'll discover several distressing things like blades, blood traces.

The video game noises are an additional complement to the dark vibe theme. The graphics are bold and highly computer animated. Some may discover them outdated compared to the styles of the most up to date as well as similar video games, however anybody favoring a cartoonish look will find the game appealing.

Download Criminal Case MOD APK for Android

You can download mod apk to track the killer or trace a strange caller who keeps disturbing you through his or her voice recording. This can be done in two ways, one by entering the suspect's voice and other by trying to browse through the voice recording. Both these methods are quite easy and convenient. You can either use the built-in search options in this amazing program or conduct a manual search using the keywords or the letters ABC to get detailed information on every crime case. There is no need to visit the police department or make any road trip to get a clue; simply download Criminal Case mod apk to track down the culprit and bring justice to the family.

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