Bridge Constructor Portal mod 5.0 Full

Bridge Constructor Portal
App Name Bridge Constructor Portal
Genre Puzzle
Developer Headup
Size 86.6Mb
Latest Version 5.0
Mod info Full
Update May 16, 2022 (1 months ago)

Description of Bridge Constructor Portal

Overview of Bridge Constructor Portal MOD APK

Overview of Bridge Constructor Portal MOD APK

The first interesting thing I noticed when playing Bridge Constructor Portal MOD APK is its simple user interface. In fact, the developer has spent a lot more time tending to complex puzzles than it is about the quality of the graphics. Therefore, its graphics quality may lag a bit compared to other games today. .

The game is produced and published by Headup, a famous mobile game publisher in Germany. They have released a number of popular games such as Sci-Fighters, Shiny The Firefly, The Inner World, Bridge Constructor Stunts and more. You will play as an architect of Aperture Science, a famous laboratory in the USA. My job is to build bridges in seemingly impossible places.

Currently, this game is available on Android, macOS and Windows. In addition, it also supports other platforms, such as Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.



Initially, the series of puzzles that you face is relatively simple. However, as the game continues, it becomes progressively difficult. As an architect, it's your job to minimize the investment in your buildings. After you complete each level, a report card will appear that shows how much was spent completing the task and how much was wasted during construction. Remember that your goal is to minimize that loss.

During construction, you may be faced with many obstacles such as watchtowers, laser barriers or acid pools. You need to avoid these obstacles if you want to get your job done.

Although the puzzles of this game are relatively difficult, do not worry, you will be guided to help better understand the game as well as to learn all the tricks to survive in the game. The game consists of sixty levels with increasing difficulty levels.

After each level, you will receive a small amount of money that you can use to buy more materials and pay the people involved in building in the rear levels.

Fun Graphics and Sound

Fun Graphics and Sound

It is great that Constructor Portal APK MOD has lots of fun dialogues of GLaDOS. It makes any player feel familiar with a complete version of Portal. For example, when a bridge collapses and a group of test participants die, GLaDOS will tell them not to worry because their wages will be transferred to the afterlife.

Constructor Portal APK MOD is designed on 2D graphics. However, it will still make you feel good graphically.

Download Bridge Constructor Portal for Android

Surely you will spend many hours playing this interesting game. Bridge Constructor Portal MOD APK brings you intellectual and interesting puzzles. If you feel excited enough with this game, you can download it now.

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