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Brave Frontier
App Name Brave Frontier
Genre Role Playing
Developer gumi Inc.
Size 63.7MB
Latest Version
Mod info God mode
Update April 27, 2022 (3 weeks ago)

Description of Brave Frontier

Brave Frontier is an action game produced by Gumi Inc. This is a popular role-playing game where players will be taken to the Mysterious World Grand Gaia, where a battle between gods and humans occurs. Gumi Inc’s game is an MMORPG that combines classic console RPG battle with a fun card collecting game.

Origin of Heroes

You will play the role of a hero who has come to return the peace to Gaia. You will lead an army of heroes that each have their abilities. Each hero has its elements such as Fire, Water, Earth, Thunder, Darkness, and Light. Each of these factors has its pros and cons.

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The game is loaded with many modes and features. You can craft powerful items and spheres to fight Monsters and evil big bosses. To complete the mission, you will receive Zel, Karma, or gems to upgrade heroes and unlock new heroes.

Gameplay and Features

You should not miss Brave Frontier if you love turn-based combat. The game's super fun card collection system comes with an epic combination of mechanics that will keep you excited. While Brave Frontier may make you feel overwhelmed on the first try, you'll be addicted to this RPG faster than you ever thought possible!

You will travel to the world Grand Gaia, a place ravaged by the war between humans and the gods, and this happened a few years ago.

As the story unfolded, the four autumn gods betrayed each other, engulfing the land as they tried to conquer little by little.

Players will act as either the newly formed or the summoners in that world join the Randall Royal Army to end all this chaos for eternity.

During battles at any stage of the Missions, units that will gain a "Brave Burst" power will fill the Brave Burst bar. They look like blue prisms.

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Once the unit's Brave Burst bar is full, hold your finger on the unit before swiping up to unleash a great attack. Another tactic is to save those Boomers for the final battle with the boss, which makes the fight more straightforward than ever.

Additionally, once an enemy is selected to attack, players may see a red or blue sword appear next to the unit's element.

A red sword means dealing more damage, while a blue sword deals minor damage to enemies. This essential feature works both ways, meaning that weaker enemies will also deal minor damage to the players' team.

In particular, players can take advantage of the gems obtained from daily login rewards. Once battles are won, and reputation is attained, units will love joining your team.

More than that, the game interface has a lot of detail and gives players a lot to learn. Players can choose their favorite character to accompany throughout their adventure. These characters evolve from chapter to chapter, and players can learn more about their past.

Game Graphics

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The game's cartoony and artistic style can make you addicted. The graphics are what make Brave Frontier stand out, making its fans excited to play. The core of the game includes new "Units" and the power to summon through eye-catching illustrations. Pixel art animation allows players to perform powerful attacks.

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