BLEACH Brave Souls mod 13.4.0 Mega Menu

BLEACH Brave Souls
App Name BLEACH Brave Souls
Genre Action
Developer KLab
Size 107.4MB
Latest Version 13.4.0
Mod info Mega Menu
Update April 15, 2022 (4 months ago)

Description of BLEACH Brave Souls

Bleach: Brave Souls (Mod, Mega Menu) is a photo mobile game developed based on the hit manga series Bleach. It is one of the most successful manga series in Japanese history and has a huge fan following. If you are one of those fans then this game is for you. And if you are a newbie, this game will still be extremely attractive by its plot and gameplay.


game bleach brave souls mod apk

Similar to the manga series it is based on, this game is about a man who can see and talk to ghosts, the name is Kurosagi Ichigo. However, this power also led to an accident when his whole family was attacked by an evil spirit. Since then, Ichigo has determined to investigate the truth about these ghosts.

With his special strength and good character, he has been assigned two very important tasks, which are protecting people from evil spirits and guiding the lost souls to find their way to the other world.


bleach brave souls mod

Your main task in this game is to find and destroy the evil ghosts. These are the characters taken from Bleach itself and killing them will help you relive the most epic moments of the manga. What could be better for fans of the series when they can transform into Kurosagi Ichigo and help him on his historic mission.

In addition, this game has a special feature, which does not appear in the original series. The difference is that the game allows you to merge different characters to create new characters. That will help people who have been following the series for a long time feel more appealing and attractive when playing the game.

How to win Bleach Brave Souls

Even if you are a fan of BLEACH, you will still have a hard time as this game has a complicated quest system and hierarchy. You will need to pay attention to many issues if you want to win this game. Below, we have compiled a few tips that you need to remember to win the game easily.

Always try to get three stars

The star system will be the first thing that players need to pay attention to. Players will get 1 to 3 stars every time they complete a level. The more stars you get, the more rewards you get after each level. In addition, the number of stars that you have accumulated through many levels can be used to summon your allies in situations where you need them. So, save as many stars as possible to be able to overcome the difficult tasks of the game.

Complete the missions

Completing the quests is not the point of the game but it can help you in more difficult levels later. Rewards from quests are money, soul tickets, and more.

Master the dodge roll mechanism

In the game, you will always be the target of being attacked by enemies. Every time they want to attack you, they will flash red. That is a sign that a battle is about to take place. At that time, launch into a roll to avoid the enemy's attack and keep yourself from losing a lot of health.

After dodging those attacks, execute your attacks and deal as much damage as you can. Try to take a little time to practice this technique, it will help you to get used to the game.

Learn the hierarchy

The game has a very simple hierarchy. It works almost like the 'rock, paper, scissors' mechanism as we are familiar with. To be clear, this game includes three main colors, red, blue, and green. Each character in the game, both protagonist or villain, will own one of those three colors. The colors represent the strength of the characters in the game.

The mechanics of these three colors are red beats green, green wins blue, and blue tops red. Remember to take full advantage of this mechanic by synthesizing teammates of different colors. At that time, your team will have a higher chance of winning when facing opponents with many colors.

Download Bleach Brave Souls Apk for android

You can fully experience this game with great power for your character by downloading the APK version. Your character will possess tremendous power without you having to spend a lot of time working hard on the quest. Download this version now to enjoy Bleach Brave Souls most entertainingly.

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