Blast Blast Ball mod 1.61 Unlimited Money

Blast Blast Ball
App Name Blast Blast Ball
Genre Arcade
Developer Onesoft
Size 68.0Mb
Latest Version 1.61
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update May 24, 2022 (1 months ago)

Description of Blast Blast Ball

Despite having simple rule play, shooting games are still one of the most played game types that millions of players have been dipping their toes into. In fact, there are a lot of games classified in the shooting category. To make a brainchild stand out from the crowd, the game developer has to make their game unique and unmistakable. Blast Blast Ball - Shooting Ball from ONESOFT deserves a try of players. The game reminds us of the shooting dinosaur eggs games that once went on a trend in the gaming industry.

Does this title from this gaming developer make an entire difference from these other games of the same type? Let’s go through everything below to find out why this game attracts so many gaming enthusiasts.


blast blast ball mod

Blast Blast Ball is an exciting game focusing on the ball only. However, the ball is not a casual one; it has magic. Every time you shoot at the ball, it will break into many smaller ones with points that are equal to half of the original ball, allowing you to get the required points to move on to the next level. The magic balls will scatter everywhere. Be careful to move your cannon in order to avoid the jumping balls. Your cannon will explode when the ball falls on you. The game is then over.

All you need to do throughout the game is moving your finger on the touch screen. If you drag your finger to the left, the cannon will move to the pre-selected site. By shooting the ball, the number value assigned will decrease until it reaches zero and drops gold coins. 

You should note that the size of the balls does not determine the points that you will get. Try to get the required points and unlock the next level. You should always keep in mind that the higher level you reach, the faster the ball moves. 

As the difficulty of the game increases when you reach a higher level, you may need to upgrade your cannon to increase your chance of winning. To renovate your weapons, click on the Upgrade tab on the screen. Here you can choose to equip your weapon with more destructive power, allowing you to shoot balls at a faster speed and enhance the probability of reaching a more challenging level. To get these items, try to collect money to purchase them in the game shop.

Challenge your limit and break your own record with Blast Blast Ball - Shooting Ball Mod Apk

Graphics and Audio in the Game

blast blast ball mod apk

As a gaming product from ONESOFT, Blast Blast Ball - Shooting Ball is a complete version with high-quality graphics and stunning sound. There are plenty of colorful balls with various sizes and number values. Your cannon is designed beautifully, fitting the screen perfectly, allowing you to navigate with ease to avoid the falling balls. The background of the game varies from the countryside to a more modern city, prevailing with a pleasant combination of colors and soundtrack. 

The game offers an amazing soundtrack with the stunning sounds of the explosion every time you shoot a ball. All create a simple design. If you are looking for something fancy, this game may not be a great choice for you. 

Player’s Experience

Blast Blast Ball is kinda fun. However, players can get bored as the gameplay is quite simple. Though the difficulty increases, it seems to bring the feeling that they are playing certain first levels. If you play the game online, advertisements can get on your nerves. Therefore, the mod apk will be a good choice for you.

Download Blast Blast Ball Mod Apk for Android for Free

If you are fond of classic games, this title will be the best choice for you. Especially with the mod apk version, you can use unlimited money to purchase items to upgrade your weapons and increase the chance of winning. Click to download the game for free on our website and get the most out of this fascinating title.

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