Black Border Mod Apk 1.0.79 (Full/Paid)

Black Border
App Name Black Border
Genre Simulation
Developer Bitzooma Game Studio
Size 71MB
Latest Version 1.0.79
Mod info Full/Paid
Root No
Internet No
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Update August 30, 2021 (1 months ago)

Description of Black Border

Black Border Mod Apk is a simulation game from the famous studio Bitzooma Game Studio. However, unlike the cooking or racing simulation genres, Black Border will take players to a unique job that not everyone knows. You will play the role of a border guard at the boundary of nations. Initially, this game was only released on PC, but now, it can be played on mobile platforms like Android. This is definitely good news for fans. Let's experience this new game together, shall we?

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What do you think about the job of a border officer? It is not as easy as many people imagine. Players will stand at the check-in counter to check the papers of everyone who wants to get in and out. Why is this necessary? Murders, even weapons and banned-goods smugglers, can impersonate commoners to enter your country.

Every day, you will meet many people from different territories. However, their identities can be based on documents such as passports, ID cards, entry permits, labor certificates, identity papers. In it, players can view information related to name, gender, age, nationality, occupation, portrait photo, even weight and height. Alternatively, you can check their luggage. If it contains a weapon or banned substance, confiscate it and place its owner on a "blacklist.”

Every Coin Has Two Sides

The job of a border officer is not just checking the paper. In Black Border, the player can understand the problematic side of it. Players can choose to join the opposition or be loyal to the country, to the party. The opposition is the underground forces in the city, working with the aim of freeing the country from corrupted rulers. Players need to choose a side for themselves to experience the game. However, whatever side you belong to, the stories you can explore are both fascinating and unique.

Even when the players have chosen one side for themselves, they still face the temptation from the other side. Immigrants will often offer them attractive offers, be it money or status benefits or anything else. Of course, they can bring you a much higher income than the salary of the border guards. But will you accept them? Will you be absolutely loyal to your chosen ideal, or will you accept bribes and work for others? The decision lies with each player.

Exciting Minigames

In addition to simple everyday tasks, Black Border also offers attractive minigames. Players can complete them to send encrypted messages, allowing them to remain anonymous when communicating with allies or enemies. As can be seen, the minigames here lead players to confidential conversations. Since then, many secret stories have gradually been revealed and brought along many other details.

Diverse Character System

The game brings more than 100 different characters, of which about 50 are the ones who greatly influence the plot of the game. Some of the characters may play a vital role in the opposition or within the party. Distinguishing them between many many entries is not easy. So, be careful when checking information, even if it's just a tiny detail.

Control System

As a simulation game, Black Border owns a very intuitive control system. Players will sit across from the customer, on the right is a place to store papers and luggage for checking. Based on the rules previously specified, the player will decide whether to allow one person to cross the border or not. Just click on the function buttons on the screen to execute. However, this is not all. There are many other things for you to experience in the game.

Sound and Graphics

Black Border is designed with two primary colors are red and black. They contributed significantly to portraying the world at that time, creating original and vivid inspiration for all gamers. Besides, the images in the game are also quite sharp, sketched in a unique and impressive cartoon style. In terms of sound, the game also does quite well with dramatic background music.

Download Black Border MOD APK for Android

The game is being released on the Play Store for $2.99. However, our MOD will give you a completely free game experience. Download and install Black Border MOD APK with the link below.