Betternet VPN mod 5.18.0 Premium

Betternet VPN
App Name Betternet VPN
Genre Tools
Developer Betternet LLC
Size 59.8MB
Latest Version 5.18.0
Mod info Premium
Update May 06, 2022 (2 weeks ago)

Description of Betternet VPN

Betternet VPN is a perfect application for you to protect your personal information while using the internet. Connecting to the world through the internet has become a normal thing in this day and age. The internet is the key to everything and the whole world depends on it. However, a problem has occurred. Users' data has been stolen to serve various purposes. Lots of commercial companies or even hackers are doing everything to collect the largest amount of user data possible. Therefore, the protection of user information on digital platforms has become a top concern for internet users in the 21st century. So what will be the answer to the problem of data security? The main answer is the application introduced above.

Features of Betternet VPN

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More than 50 million users on Google Play have trusted and downloaded Betternet VPN. So what is the reason why this application looks so reliable; I will list the outstanding features of this app right follow.

Wi-Fi Security

You will no longer have to worry about using wifi in public places. Since all your traffic is encrypted by VPN, your visits will be secure. No one can find you or gain access to your personal information.

Incognito mode 

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As soon as you activate the app, all your browsing activities will be encrypted as you were in incognito mode. That is a basic feature of the application to save users time. They will not have to open incognito every time they want to visit a specific website.

Spoofer mode

That is what I like most about this app. It will erase all traces of my internet access location and create a new one that has nothing to do with the actual one. This mode will help all users not have to worry about being tracked every time they access the internet anymore.

Unblock blocked apps and websites 

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Some governments have strict rules about censoring specific websites. That will cause a lot of trouble for those who want to access them. Betternet Premium VPN solves this problem by giving users free access to any website they want.

High speed of access

The internet connection speed is extremely high because this application automatically connects to the best server in your area. No matter where you access the internet, you are guaranteed the best connection quality.

Public hotspots protected

You don't always access the internet from your home. There will be times when you have to use public access points like coffee shops, hotels, or wherever you are traveling on business. Such public hotspots are prime targets for hackers. However, by using available VPN proxies, the application will ensure absolute security for all your connections. No hacker can attack you while you are using the internet through the Betternet VPN app.

Betternet Premium Mod APK Free Download

With those great things, this application will charge users to be able to experience premium features. However, you can use the application for free by downloading the Betternet Premium APK file. Protecting your personal information, accessing the internet without fear of your location being revealed, and using super-fast internet speeds are all you can get if you download this software right away.

Right at the time you are reading this article, hackers are still trying to take away your personal information. Don't be scared, but download this app instead and you will be safe every time you use the internet.