Arknights mod 9.0.01 Originals

App Name Arknights
Genre Strategy
Developer Yostar Limited.
Size 1.7GB
Latest Version 9.0.01
Mod info Originals
Update June 15, 2022 (2 weeks ago)

Description of Arknights

Arknights is a strategy game, tower defense for mobile phones. The game is developed by China's Hypergryph.

About Arknights

Arknights is a game set in a futuristic but backward, post-apocalyptic world of the planet Terra. After the discovery of originium, a precious mineral, after a devastating natural disaster, the people of Terra faced an infectious disease. However, this epidemic allows people to use magic. From there, on this planet, one would have the characteristics of mythical racial species of animals, also known as kemonomimi.

The epidemic raged, the death rate increased, and vices, robberies, ill-treatment and ill-treatment occurred. A group of warriors have formed the organization Reunion to fight the tyranny of the planet Terra, to regain justice for the people. Players will be transformed into the Doctor, a man who always wears a mask and has amnesia, leading a group of "managers" of Rhodes Island, a medical and self-defense pharmaceutical organization. This organization works on the motto of researching cures for diseases as well as protecting the people under Terra's government.

Various characters

With a massive character collection, each character has a different look that showcases a variety of personality types. Game makers have invested a lot not only in designing many different characters, but also in decentralizing the character's strength according to star ratings.

Detailed map system, multi-species monsters

As a fighting game, Arknights is built with a detailed and realistic 3D map system, giving gamers the most realistic experience in building a battle strategy to defeat the enemy's lair. In addition, the enemy army is also very diverse with species: animals, magicians, swordsmen, ... with many other skills typical of the bosses at the end of the screen. This requires gamers to have a logical battle strategy, know how to maneuver the strengths of our troops to hit the enemy's weak points.

Sound and graphics

The game hits hard on the psychology of wifus as well as anime fans when there is a sound system for the female characters in the game which is very cute, the voice is catchy. In addition, the sound of gunfire, explosions, collisions when fighting monsters, ... are extremely vivid, bringing a true experience to the player. With a combination of 2D and 3D graphics, it brings the familiar feeling of anime cartoons, but is equally true with the 3D version of equipment, maps, etc.

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