Angry Birds Match 3 mod + apk 4.0.0 Unlimited Lives

Angry Birds Match 3
App Name Angry Birds Match 3
Genre Puzzle
Developer Rovio Entertainment Corporation
Size 117.3Mb
Latest Version 4.0.0
Mod info Unlimited Lives
Update May 15, 2022 (3 months ago)

Description of Angry Birds Match 3

For the puzzle game series, it is surely impossible not to mention the game Candy Crush Saga, a giant monument of the puzzle game series with a large number of players worldwide. And today, we will present to you a unique game called the "hybrid child" of Candy Crush Saga and Angry Birds called Angry Birds Match 3.

It can be said that Rovio is exploiting the full potential of the Angry Birds brand when the games are born with completely changed gameplay, typically: Angry Birds Space, Angry Birds Evolution, Angry Birds Go (racing), Angry Birds Epic, Angry Match Bird (match-3).


game angry birds match 3 mod apk

This game is about a battle of Bombs, Chuck, and Red helping the Hatchlings - young birds against the evil blue pigs trying to disrupt their night party and help Hatchlings invite new friends to join the party. You will have to complete consecutive missions in Angry Birds Match 3; each mission will have its own difficulty, such as an empty brown box, killing all green pigs, matching enough candies, etc.

Angry Birds Match 3 Gameplay

angry birds match 3 mod

Basically, this game has very easy-to-understand gameplay, which can be summarized as follows:

  • Connect three puzzles of the same type in vertical or horizontal rows to make them disappear
  • Connecting four blocks in a row will bring up Red
  • Matching 6 consecutive blocks will bring up Bomp
  • Connecting 6 consecutive blocks forming a right angle will make Chuck appear
  • These three birds work to disappear blocks within a certain range

Many Levels

angry birds match 3 mod apk

Each time you play, you will have 5 lives, and each time you do not pass the next level, you will lose one life. After all 5 lives are finished, you will not be able to continue playing and have to wait a while for life to regain. Every hour, 1 life will be restored, so please try not to waste your life. Besides, this game supports synchronization with your Facebook account, so you can still play the screen when you switch the device.

There are a total of 390 levels and nine worlds with different challenges and increasing difficulty. This will make the player's experience more engaging and dramatic.

Eye-catching Graphics

Rovio Entertainment provides players with a bright background with incredibly vibrant colors. Moreover, this time the designer does not stop at a few familiar birds such as Red, Bomb, and Chuck. Angry Birds Match 3 also has a collection of more than 50 colorful and lovely birds for players to collect.

In the background, players will explore many beautiful scenes and large areas such as beaches, forests, caves, natural landscapes, bringing coolness and freshness, gives players the feeling of going on holiday.

And finally, about the light effects that make the screen shine all over the game. Every time the player arranges objects of the same type in a row, they will explode and emit light that looks stunning.

Download Angry Birds Match 3 MOD APK for Android

Having to wait too long for life to continue playing makes many players uncomfortable. Now your problems are all solved by downloading the modified version of this game. With Unlimited Lives, you will experience the full game without interruptions.

Angry Birds Match 3 Trailer

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