Airport City Mod Apk 8.20.11 (Unlimited Money)

Airport City
App Name Airport City
Genre Simulation
Developer Game Insight
Size 152.7MB
Latest Version 8.20.11
Mod info Unlimited Money
Root Yes
Internet Yes
Get it On com.gameinsight.airport
Update September 21, 2021 (1 months ago)

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Description of Airport City

Overview of Airport City
Overview of Airport City

With Airport City, you will build and manage aircraft systems. Specifically, you will build an airport and develop surrounding areas to support that airport. In particular, you will fly a plane and explore around the world and visit many places.

As an airport operator, everything is up to your own control. Hyax helps aircraft take off safely, making passenger travel enjoyable. Don't forget to improve and upgrade your triple pitch to make it as modern as possible. Meanwhile, your number of customers will increase, they will bring you a decent income.


Airport City gives you more experience in management. In fact, you have to handle a lot of work to make your airport more and more perfect. You need to do everything well, design your infrastructure to be beautiful and attract passengers. Respond well to the needs of passengers for their satisfaction and they will bring you huge income.

Aircraft System
Aircraft System

Airport City has many types of aircraft including many different styles and colors. Earn more income from your flights by attracting more customers. After each flight, you will receive the corresponding amount. You can use that money to buy more advanced planes. In addition, do not forget to expand the premises, infrastructure, and necessary items of the airport.

Explore the Sky

With Airport City, you can travel to many places, explore new lands through flights. Flight is also an opportunity for you to collect many valuable items. In particular, by collecting antiques, you can create a collection of antiques you've always dreamed of.

In addition, you can also earn extra income by building resorts. cCng attracts more customers, the higher your income will be. Going to visit many places while getting rich, it is fun, isn't it?

Building Expansion

To own the world's top quality airport, you need to invest in building many large projects. Need to understand how to manage and operate the airport. However, the construction of aerospace projects is not simple. You need to do the most reasonable and less costly. Make an effort to earn more money and upgrade your airport to become even more advanced.


All operations are extremely simple, you just need to swipe on the screen to move your view anywhere on the map. In addition, for an overview or details, you can also zoom in or out on images. In addition, you can also see some icons like airplane, shopping, level number on the screen interface. Explore them for yourself!


Beautiful 3D graphics is one of the highlights of Airport City. Images in the game are described as very sharp and detailed. Besides, the effects are also very smooth and varied. All work to ensure players do not get bored.

In particular, you will experience the horizontal screen with a very wide and intuitive viewing angle. Therefore, it is true to say that this game offers a realistic experience, enough to appeal to gamers right from the first play.

Download Airport City MOD APK for Android

For this game, you need to learn many things to become a professional airport manager. Everything is not simply building the airport or other infrastructure in the city, but also managing and taking care of customer service. While this is not easy for beginners, if you have the patience, you will have a great experience. What are you waiting for? Download Airport City MOD APK 8.10.23 (Unlimited Money) right now! 

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