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Adobe Acrobat Reader
App Name Adobe Acrobat Reader
Genre Productivity
Developer Adobe
Size 68.7Mb
Latest Version 19.7.1
Mod info Premium Unlocked
Update July 08, 2022 (2 months ago)

Description of Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader MOD APK is a very familiar tool for office workers, but do you already understand it? Let's explore the strengths and weaknesses of Adobe Acrobat Reader and have those benefits come back in your optimization workflow.


adobe acrobat reader mod

This is a software developed by Adobe Systems, it is the basic PDF reader and essential in converting almost any document to PDF format while preserving the look and content. of the original. 

The software includes all the features of Adobe Acrobat Reader. What's more, it includes the ability to create and edit text and images in PDF documents. This is a more advanced version of the software with additional functions such as the ability to scan paper documents, encrypt and insert digital signatures.

How to use it

To edit PDF files, you need specialized software and the most professional PDF editing software is this. The following are basic instructions to help you use the software:

Open PDF files on Adobe Acrobat Reader 

adobe acrobat reader mod apk

You proceed to download the software to your computer to use.
At the main interface of the software, select File -> Open to open the PDF file on your computer.
Adobe Acrobat Reader software can work with many PDF files at the same time, so you can select multiple files in one go.

Basic toolkit

After you finish opening the PDF file, you will see the basic toolset appear right below the working page. In this toolkit we have the following features:

Mouse: Mouse tool (to view, surf the page)
Selection: Selection tool (page drag, page move)
Zoom +/-: Zoom in and out toolkit
Number Heading: Displays the page number and page list
View: Modes of displaying pages on the working screen
Move taskbar: Push the toolbar position to the top / bottom
Rotate pages 
To rotate pages on this tool, you have only one way as follows:

First, select the Number Heading tool on the basic toolbar to display the page number and page list.
Then you select the pages you want to rotate and click the page rotation icon to finish.
Insert pages in PDF files
First, select the Number Heading tool on the basic toolbar to display the page number and page list.
Then you need to select the Add page tool and proceed to select the location to insert the page.


adobe acrobat reader mod apk android

Adobe Acrobat Reader is a necessary software to install in the computer, especially for those who often have to work with office computer operations. Here are some features of this software:

Create PDF files yourself: By opening any document format such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, etc. Similarly, image file formats BMP, JPG, TIFF, PNG... to PDF format.

Edit PDF files: You can edit small errors in documents such as correcting typographical errors, changing fonts, or adding text to PDF files easily. What's more, the image included in the PDF will also be resized, replaced with another image.

Scan paper documents to PDF: If you have a document saved on paper or a digital image, it allows you to scan those files with its built-in scan function and save them as PDF for you. easily search and edit these files.

Protect PDF files: PDF files are password protected, users can specify their own password, enhancing the protection of files.

Convert PDF files to different formats: You can use it to convert PDF to MS Office document formats such as DOX, DOCX, XLSM, XLTM, PPT, PPTX while keeping the original content format of the file. the original text.

Share files online: It integrates SendNow online software and Email archiving software such as MS Outlook, MS Outlook Exchange allowing users to easily share newly created PDF files with others or upload them. Internet.

Open multiple windows and projects at the same time: Makes it easy to compare and contrast files and process work faster and more efficiently.

Multi-language support: You can get language support from most of the countries in the world.

Create annotations, signatures, bookmarks for PDF documents: You can create annotations, signatures, bookmarks on each open PDF file. Acrobat Pro allows you to customize and add more information to your documents.

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader MOD APK

Adobe Acrobat Reader MOD APK is an application that is loved by many users around the world. This is a free tool that acts as a PDF reader for basic viewing and management. 

It possesses the most powerful capabilities when complemented by Adobe Acrobat Pro DC and other Adobe programs that will help you optimize your work quickly and with less errors. Do not hesitate any longer without downloading this software to your device.

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