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ZOOM Cloud Meetings
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Update June 18, 2022 (2 weeks ago)

Description of ZOOM Cloud Meetings

ZOOM Cloud Meetings is an online tool that allows users to make completely free calls to serve online meetings and teaching on devices such as PC, mobile and tablet. With outstanding strengths, the software has been used by more than 500 million people globally. In the past 3 years, when the covid-19 pandemic broke out strongly, ZOOM rose to become the most popular application in the world next to Facebook and Google.

Introducing the ZOOM Cloud Meetings app

ZOOM Cloud Meetings was released in 2013, this is the brainchild of technology engineer Eric Yuan - CEO of Cisco. The application is released on Microsoft Windows, Android and iOS platforms to serve the needs of a large number of users. No matter where you are located, just using ZOOM, everyone can connect easily and quickly.

Free online learning and meeting application

ZOOM Cloud Meetings is mainly applied to serve the online teaching of schools and online meetings of businesses with a large number of participants to more than 100 - 10,000 members. In each meeting room, the image of 49 people will be displayed on the main screen.

High quality picture and sound

With this application, users will not experience lag, picture lag or poor sound quality because ZOOM Cloud Meetings offers the best online communication experience when providing images and Audio in HD, providing the smoothest, most fluid online meetings.

Directly send pictures, videos, share multimedia

In addition to free online calling, ZOOM Cloud Meetings also allows users to send images, share videos, charts, web pages, documents ... to groups easily and conveniently for everyone to grasp. When you share anything, your phone/computer screen will change, making room for the content you want to share.

Absolute security

ZOOM Cloud Meetings has in-call security. Therefore, the meeting moderator can easily lock the meeting so that all audio and video are absolutely secure, not leaking out to unrelated people.

Other useful features

ZOOM Cloud Meetings has a feature to enable subtitles to record meeting content.
The tool has a feature to send private messages so that everyone can chat privately without disturbing other members in the meeting.
The App also has a Calendar feature for users to schedule upcoming meetings.
The application also has a safe driving mode so you can both drive and join an online meeting by wearing a headset.
Users can change the background, add stickers... to make the meeting more lively.

Smart interface

The plus point of this application is the intuitive and intelligently designed interface to create excitement for users. On the tool, there are keys: Create meeting room (Meet), call (phone), chat (chat), share (Share) for easy manipulation by everyone.

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