Traffic Racer mod 3.5 Unlimited Money

Traffic Racer
App Name Traffic Racer
Genre Racing
Developer Soner Kara
Size 86.7Mb
Latest Version 3.5
Mod info Unlimited Money
Update May 30, 2022 (1 months ago)

Description of Traffic Racer

Traffic Racer is a racing game produced by Soner Kara team for Android, iOS, Windows Mobile platforms. Although released 10 years ago, the game still retains a strong attraction with players around the globe, especially those who love speed. When experiencing in this game version, gamers are transformed into "crazy drivers", whose task is to drive the car to the finish line in the shortest time to score points. Gameplay has dozens of levels with increasing difficulty, promising to bring the most exciting and breathtaking car races.

Traffic Racer game introduction

Traffic Racer is the most successful product of publisher Soner Kara when it attracts gamers of different ages to participate in the experience. Currently, the game has been widely covered in more than 160 countries around the world and has received more than 110 million downloads. Most gamers are satisfied and excited to experience this game.

Experience the feeling of driving a car

In the game Traffic Racer, you will become a skilled car driver to bring the car to the finish line as quickly and safely as possible. Players will not race against any other driver, but must race with themselves to test the silk steering wheel, calmness and ability to handle situations on the road. Through dozens of levels, the player must control dozens of cars and run on different roads: highways, mountain roads, rural roads, tunnels... and of course, there will be countless obstacles on the way. and dozens of other vehicles on the road from cars, trucks, buses, bulky containers… The sooner the car reaches the finish line, the higher the score will be.

Diverse car models

Traffic Racer has more than 33 different car models for gamers to unlock, including: cars, trucks, pickups... from the low-priced segment to modern cars.

Game mode

Traffic Racer has 5 game modes for players to choose from, including:

Endless One-Way: The player must drive to the finish line on one-way roads.
Two-Way: Player controls the car to the finish line on two-way roads with many vehicles facing each other.
Time Trial: This game mode has a specific time limit in each level for the player to complete.
Free Ride: Players can choose a favorite car model to drive to the finish line.
Daily Mode: In this game mode, gamers will control the car to the finish line on different roads and only drive during the day.

Graphics, sound

Possessing 3D graphics, the image in the Traffic Racer game is bright, sharp, and smooth. The car models are simulated exactly like the original, giving gamers the best experience. The roads are meticulously and carefully designed with the appearance of many different vehicles and beautiful surroundings with trees, grass, rivers, rocks, animals..., providing a race track. lively. Sound is also a big plus point of the game when the manufacturer realistically simulates the explosion of the car engine, the car horn and the collision between cars on the road.

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