My Little Universe mod 1.20.3 Unlimited Resources

My Little Universe
App Name My Little Universe
Genre Simulation
Developer SayGames Ltd
Size 295.9Mb
Latest Version 1.20.3
Mod info Unlimited Resources
Update June 21, 2022 (1 weeks ago)

Description of My Little Universe

My Little Universe is a place where only you are free to build your own planet. From an empty land, you must explore and exploit the available resources to expand your territory. You will go from surprise to surprise in the journey to expand the realm with the appearance of many new things and phenomena. The gameplay is simple but requires patience and reasonable calculation. If you are looking to create a planet worth living on your own, download the game and experience it right away!

Introducing the game My Little Universe

game my little universe mod apk

The novelty in the style of play makes My Little Universe a more attractive name than ever. Building and developing a planet of their own is always the desire of many people. Now, with this game, you can experience the process of building your own empire from two empty hands. With rudimentary tools like the first day of mining, you have to exploit the inherent resources to start accumulating and building all sorts of things. Not only that, it is also important to consider investing in necessary works.

How to play the game My Little Universe

my little universe mod

The most primitive on your planet are just trees. You must use the ax to cut them down, accumulate resources to build houses and other structures. Each project has different material requirements. You can harvest wood, gems, gold, etc. to have enough materials to build the things you like. The more you build, the more your territory will expand and become more and more comfortable. The higher the levels are conquered, the greater the diversity of resources and the more difficult challenges you will experience.

The element of surprise in the game My Little Universe

my little universe mod

If you just think of this as a normal construction game, it is a big mistake. You must not only create your planet, but also protect it from alien monsters. They will appear suddenly and destroy the works that you have worked so hard to build. Your task is to build with observation. You must detect and destroy the invading monsters quickly.

Download free game My Little Universe Apk + Mod for Android

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