9th Dawn III Mod Apk 1.52 (Paid for Free/Unlocked)

9th Dawn III
App Name 9th Dawn III
Genre Role Playing
Developer Valorware
Size 141.9MB
Latest Version 1.52
Mod info Paid for Free/Unlocked
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Update May 17, 2021 (6 months ago)

Description of 9th Dawn III

9th Dawn III RPG MOD APK Overview

9th Dawn III RPG Mod Apk is a 2D role-playing game. If you enjoy RPG games, you should not pass this game up. The charm of this game will impress you with its story and highly appealing content.

It has been released for the PC and Console platforms. Due to its success, the publisher decided to develop Android and iOS versions to attract more players.

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The story in 9th Dawn III is set in the land of Cedaltia. It is a beautiful land with diverse landscapes. However, this kingdom has an evil king and many different monsters. Therefore, people's lives are becoming more and more miserable.

One day, a hero was born. He is destined to defeat the king and destroy the monsters to bring happiness to his people.


In 9th Dawn III, you will play a hero. Initially, you will wake up in a village called Agaria. Your mission is to travel to many places to destroy monsters to protect innocent people.

"Read Sign" and "Blood-Spawn" are two things you should keep in mind. The Read Sign, in particular, serves as a guide and instructs you on what to do. Blood-Spawn, on the other hand, are Checkpoints. If a monster kills you, you will be resurrected here. Keep in mind that you may come across wooden boxes on your journey. They could include items, materials, or equipment. You can gather them.

Then you will leave Agaria and travel to new lands such as Ashwick or the Vlak forest. There are numerous dangers there, ranging from ancient creatures to goblins and giants. You will be faced with more than 270 different races. To restore peace to Cedaltia, you must defeat all of them.

In general, when you leave the village of Agaria, the more monsters appear, while they tend to be stronger. Therefore, you have to be careful with places like dark areas, caves, dungeons, and forests because you cannot know what's going on there.

Weapon System

A hero will require weapons and equipment to survive and defeat monsters. Bows, crossbows, axes, and swords are just a few examples of weapons. Each weapon grants you a unique set of abilities. You must select the appropriate weapon for each situation.

Furthermore, 9th Dawn III includes various defense tools such as armor, shoes, rings, and so on. They not only protect the main character but also contribute to having a distinct appearance.

Skill System

Many people might think 9th Dawn III RPG is a simple game. However, when you explore the character's skill system, you will realize that that is not true.

The game has only three classes of main characters, including knights, archers, and mage. But each of them has a system of 6 skill types: Melee Combat, Ranged Combat, Magic Combat, Defensive, Misc, and Crafting. As you fight, you can develop your skills for more chances to win.

Graphics and Sound

9th Dawn III has the look of retro games on a 2D graphics platform. The developers create a classic space, but also full of mystery. The graphics of the game have also been optimized. They can work smoothly on a wide variety of low-profile devices. Aside from that, the sound system will excite the player.

Player Experience

9th Dawn III Mod Apk is good and has received positive feedback from the gamers. The game has been rated 5 out of 5 stars on the Google Playstore. Hopefully, the developers will make improvements on the following versions.


Q: Is this game free?

A: No. You will have to spend about 5$ to have it.

Download 9th Dawn III RPG MOD APK for Android for Free

With engaging gameplay and storyline, you will be addicted to it. Note that your device needs to have Android 4.4 or higher to be compatible with 9th Dawn III. Download it to experience the moments of adventure and thrill. Besides, with the MOD version, you will not need to pay fees.